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It’s Karnage on iOS!

Download Kingdom Karnage & KK Heroes on iOS today!


Both Kingdom Karnage & KK Heroes are now available on iOS TestFlight. iPhone users can now join the fray!

This is a major step in the growth of the Kingdom Karnage player base and marks a major milestone for Kepithor Studios as a whole.

What’s TestFlight?

TestFlight is the intermediary step towards being listed on Apples App store; which allows us to open the game up to 10,000 users by invite link only. If you don’t already have it, you will be required to download Apple’s TestFlight software to play either of the KK games on iOS; you will be provoked to do this when you click our invite link.

The process of being listed on the Apple App store will likely take some time and we wanted to share the game with iOS users as soon as possible.

Grab the link

The iOS versions of the game are very fresh which may mean you encounter more bugs than usual. If you do encounter an issue please let us know on Telegram or Discord.

Links to both games are available below, please make sure you carefully read the known issues before downloading the game or reporting a bug.


- We have had reports of Catacombs crashing on iOS. Please do not run the Catacombs dungeon until we have investigated and fixed this issue.


Kingdom Karnage:

KK Heroes:

We wish a warm welcome to all the new iOS players!



Play Kingdom Karnage, a Turn Based, Animated Combat, Trading Card Game. Cross platform, play on browser, mobile and computer.

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