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Kingdom Karnage - Balanced Mode

Earn Cards, Gems and Enjin, now with Unlimited Free Entry!

Welcome all to the official launch of Balanced Mode in Kingdom Karnage. This mode sees you pitted in live 1 vs 1 PvP matches against other random players using a preselected deck (changed weekly). This means everyone is using the same cards and new players can quickly hold their own against veterans. You will earn an instant prize based on the number of wins you achieve before losing twice, and have a chance to get a further prize in our weekly Balanced Mode Leaderboard.

Balanced Mode Wins - How Far Can You Go?

At the start of every fresh Balanced Mode run, you are given 2 lives. Lose twice and your entry ends, awarding you an instant prize based on the number of wins achieved. Prizes can be seen on the table below.

A maximum prize of 2 rare cards and 5 gems can be won for 30 wins.

As you can see the prizes for Balanced Mode entries increase up to your 30th win. While prizes stop at the 30th win, the number of wins you can score in one entry is technically unlimited, and from what we have seen so far there are plenty of players keen to set the high score!

Weekly Balanced Mode Leaderboard

At midnight at the end of Sunday each week, our current weekly Balanced Mode Leaderboard ends and a new leaderboard begins.

The leaderboard shows the highest win score each player has achieved in the given week from a single Balanced Mode entry. Please note: Only finished entries show here, so your current win score will not be entered onto a given week’s Leaderboard until you have lost both of your two lives.

The top 50 win scorers each week will be awarded a prize of up to 75 Enjin, prizes can be seen on the table below

The top 50 players each week receive a prize

As an additional perk, 1st place also gets to select the preset deck for the Balanced Mode competition the following week (Within card rarity restrictions).

The current leaderboard can be seen on the Kepithor Website.

The Future

We already have plans to expand this mode even further but are currently restricted by player numbers. We are confident with our new Balanced Mode that Kingdom Karnage should now be an easy sell to your friends.

Please remember every player has been issued a referral link on their account page on the Kepithor website. You receive 10% of all referrals purchases as store credit. Get referring!

We’ve added a FAQ section below which will be updated as the community create more queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I play Balanced Mode?
There are currently no prerequisites to Balanced Mode entry. Once your current run finishes a new run can be created without daily limit. Enjoy!

Whats the maximum prize I can achieve from a single run of Balanced Mode?
At the end of a Balanced Mode entry you will be instantly awarded a prize. The largest prize (30 wins) is 2 rares and 5 gems. In addition to instant entry prizes there is a weekly Balanced Mode Leaderboard where cash and store credit prizes up to 75 Enjin coin can be won. With the combination of these prizes the most a player could win off of 1 single entry is 75 Enjin, 2 rare cards and 5 gems.

What happens if two players score the same number of wins and have the same amount of remaining health total?
In the extremely rare circumstance that the number of wins and the number of remaining health for two players are equal in the same week, the player who ended their run first will be highest on the leaderboard.

Where can I see previous leaderboard results?
There is a dedicated Balanced Mode page on the Kepithor Website that features links to both this week and last week’s leaderboards. If for some reason you would like to see more info than this please contact redd.

How can I contact you or find out more about this game?
For more info about Kingdom Karnage or if you are having trouble getting started about Balanced Mode please contact redd (Medium | Telegram | Twitter).

For our community pages please see links below:

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