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Kingdom Karnage - Festive Dungeon Event

Brand New Event Card - Available Free Throughout December

Whomever this letter reaches, please heed my desperate call.

The holidays are in jeopardy! The village of Bruton has had all of its holiday presents stolen by the dastardly Skellimas.

Leave your troops, travel lightly, time is of the essence. Upon your arrival take command of one of my bands of troops. Each of them specialises in either Aggression, Defense or the Magic arts.

I will be honest I have no idea where Skellimas is hiding, however there are several undead hordes spotted on the hillsides surrounding Bruton. I can only suggest you start clearing the camps one by one until you encounter him. I pray luck is on your side and that when you do find him he does not escape.

For each day you find and defeat Skellimas I shall ensure you are rewarded with this wretched soul as your thrall. Should you prove yourself with each of the different specialisms I might just throw a little something extra your way.

Please hurry, the children of Bruton are depending on you.

Welcome to Kingdom Karnage’s first full in-game event. For the month of December you will be able to enter the Festive dungeon through the “Event” menu. Which will assign you a dungeon group and deck of cards at random.

Take command of a preset band of human troops and face off against undead hordes until Skellimas himself shows his face. When he does make sure you defeat him before you defeat the enemy boss.

Each of the player positions will receive a different deck with different specialisms (and thus weaknesses) so you will find teamwork more important than ever.

The dungeon loot will work as follows:
- When Skellimas & dungeon boss have been defeated, all participating players will receive 1 x uncommon Skellimas card.
- When Skellimas is not defeated before the boss, and the dungeon is completed, each player will receive one gem or card will drop (same rarity chance as a card from a gem pack).
- Please note Skellimas is limited to one drop per player per day.

Please note we can confirm Skellimas will only be available in December and not achievable in-game through the remainder of the year. 32 cards maximum will be available to each player throughout the event (1 daily from defeating Skellimas and an additional card upon defeating him once using each of the different player positions). This means from the first year, a player could obtain a level 6 uncommon Skellimas card completely free.

As the eagle eyed among you will have noticed, Skellimas is a “Range 4” Character; a Kingdom Karnage first!

We hope you enjoy the new character and dungeon.

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