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Kingdom Karnage - Festive Card Pack Giveaway 2020

50 x Card Packs To Be Given Away Throughout December

Everyone loves something for free and here at Kingdom Karnage we’re no exception. We’ll be distributing 2 free card packs every day to celebrate the festive period.

These cards really are free, however you won’t be the only one after them, so you will need to act fast. We’ll be publishing advanced notice of the upcoming card drops on our social media channels, so to maximise your chances of winning we advise you sign up or follow each of them:

Discord (Kingdom Karnage) -
Telegram (Kingdom Karnage) -
Twitter (Kepithor Studios) -
Discord (Enjin) - (Added 06/12/20)

To get you started, on December 1st, both posts will be on KK Telegram.

We will of course try and keep it as fair as possible. The card distributions will have a minimum of 8 hour gap between them so everyone should be able to get their 8 hours of sleep and still have a chance at at least 1 card drop per day. We’ll try and ensure we vary the time they’re published.

To keep it varied we’re planning on three different types of giveaway, I have included an example of each below. The rarity of the pack will be mentioned in the advert, we will be distributing a mix of common, uncommon and rare card packs:

  1. Straight Code Giveaway - First player to use the code will claim the card pack:

“Kingdom Karnage Festive Giveaway. Pack #5: Claim that code!!!
Common Pack: 1234–1234–1234–1234 (”

2. Objective Based Giveaway - First player to successfully complete the objective outlined will be PM’d a code for the card pack

“Kingdom Karnage Festive Giveaway. Pack #10: Tweet Objective.
First player to tweet us a picture of them defeating a KoK King will be PM’d an uncommon card pack.”

3. Trivia Based Giveaway - First player to successfully answer the question will be PM’d a code for a card pack. Questions will be based on Kingdom Karnage, Enjin or the festive period.

“Kingdom Karnage Festive Giveaway. Pack #15: KK Trivia.
First person to respond correctly receives an uncommon card pack:
Q: What is the name of the Kingdom Karnage undead dynamic card”

The very best of luck winning some free card drops this December!

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