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Minting Wyden - how will that work!?

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3 min readJan 25


Hopefully, by now you have read our recent post about our upcoming NFT changes. One thing that’s occurred to us is with all the changes, that Wyden needs a revisit. We decided this would be something that would make sense to allow the community to vote on.

Wyden Tournament

For anyone that’s not aware, the Wyden is a special character that is legendary and also acts as an entry to the Wyden Tournament (the start date of the tournament is TBC).

Whenever two Wyden characters meet in ranked PvP only one of them will survive; the loser’s character is destroyed forever. The victor’s character however will both gain experience, and also gains points in the Wyden Tournament. The loser’s Wyden character is converted into a Wyden Hero at the same level the defeated Wyden character was, which is theirs to own forever.

Already there are some issues here, some Wyden owners don’t have decks that can compete with the top decks and have declared they won’t risk their Wydens in PvP. These Wyden will remain level 1 forever, won't be used in PvP once the tournament starts, and represent XP that can never be earnt.

Potential changes

We’ve been asked recently if Wyden will be mintable. In order for Wyden to partake in the tournament he needs to be able to be destroyed, and so the short answer is, no, he needs to remain virtual.

The question is: Do we make Wyden mintable at a certain level?

The four options you will be provided as answers to vote on are:
- Yes, level 4+
- Yes, level 5+
- Yes, level 6+
- No, level 10 only

If “Yes” is the dominant response, but the vote is split, we will likely proceed with the most popular yes option.

Whatever level that Wyden is minted at, he will no longer be destroyable, but his score in the Wyden tournament will be permanently frozen. Please note: minting the Wyden character will prevent you from ever converting this character into the Hero.

But won’t minting Wyden mean a lot of XP becomes unavailable?

As players remove their Wydens from the competition by minting them, we will collect the XP from the removed Wyden into a pool.

Each Wyden match that takes place while there is XP in the pool will have a 1 XP enhancement drawn from the pool:

For example:
- A level 4 Wyden is minted.
- His 8 XP is added to the WydenXP Pool
- The next 8 Wyden matches held, will have +1 XP enhanced

If we end up with a significant amount of undistributed XP in the WydenXP pool, we may increase the XP enhancement per match. This will be advertised on our Telegram and Discord channels at least 24hrs prior to the change.


The vote will open at midday on the 30th of January 2023 and will close a week later at midday on the 6th of February 2023. As usual, you will need to have KKT stashed in the Midas vault to be able to vote.

Wyden’s fate is in your hands - Choose wisely!

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