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Kingdom Karnage - $KKT Launch

Launch Day is here! All the details you need to know

  • Final Public Sale - Taking place at GameFi at 09:30 UTC.
  • Release of Key Information -
    - Audit reports from Solid Group and Certik to both be made released today as they become available.
    - Our Telegram and Discord channels will be muted at 19:45 UTC for the release of key information such as the $KKT contract address.
  • Dex Listing (IDO) - We will be listing $KKT on PancakeSwap. Providing everything goes well this will be at approximately 20:00 UTC. We will keep everyone updated on our Telegram and Discord boards.

Token Vesting

  • Whitelist/Private Sale
    10% TGE, 1 month cliff, daily vesting over 9 months
  • Launchpads Public Sales (EnjinStarter, Red Kite & GameFi)
    15% TGE, 1 month cliff, daily vesting over 3 months
  • TGE - This is the % of your tokens you will receive shortly after $KKT launches on PancakeSwap.
  • Cliff - This is the period of time between your TGE tokens and daily vesting during which you will not receive tokens.
  • Daily vesting - Your remaining tokens after TGE are divided equally and (after your cliff period) will be available daily. If you bought from a launchpad, you will need to collect tokens there. For transactions direct from Kingdom Karnage, a portal link which will be provided in the coming weeks.

DEX Listing (IDO)

  • We’re aiming for launch time of 20:00 UTC. Please note your TGE tokens will not immediately be available at launch, but should be available shortly after.
  • If you participated in a token sale through one of the launchpads, you will need to connect your wallet to their site and collect them from there. If you participated in any direct sales with Kingdom Karnage, your TGE tokens will be airdropped to your wallet.



Play Kingdom Karnage, a Turn Based, Animated Combat, Trading Card Game. Cross platform, play on browser, mobile and computer.

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