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Kingdom Karnage - $KKT Utility #1

$KKT can be accept by 100,000+ merchants worldwide!

Less than a fortnight from the official $KKT launch, we’re pleased to be announcing our first token utility; we’re now listed on CoinPayments!

This means $KKT payments can easily be enabled by 100,000+ merchants worldwide! The first officially being our very own Kingdom Karnage Shop.

To read CoinPayments own announcement of the $KKT listing click here.

Fancy A Discount?

To celebrate $KKT being accepted in the Kingdom Karnage Shop, we’re offering a limited time 10% discount off everything instore! Even Velkan!


  • Fred loads where he wants to buy three Velkans for a total of $90 (3 x $30).
  • Fred decides he’s going to pay using his $KKT and so selects “Pay using”
  • From the coinpayments interface, Fred selects $KKT as his coin of choice from the coins selected at CoinPayments, 10% is deducted from the amount payable and Fred only pays $81 of $KKT, saving himself $9!

We’re already working away on the next utility for $KKT; expect an even bigger update in February!

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Play Kingdom Karnage, a Turn Based, Animated Combat, Trading Card Game. Cross platform, play on browser, mobile and computer.

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