Kingdom Karnage - $KKT Utility #4

Buy & Sell Kingdom Karnage Assets - New In-game Auction House

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3 min readFeb 13, 2022


A major addition to Kingdom Karnage, we’re thrilled to reveal our new in-game Auction House. Kingdom Karnage character assets can now be bought & sold for $KKT and all without even leaving the game!

Why is this such big news?

As well as providing all players with a quick and easy way to trade characters, this will be the easiest way for new players (who perhaps don't already have a Binance Smart Chain wallet) to acquire $KKT which will open up other parts of the ecosystem like Catacombs Keys to them.

Secondly, this will provide liquidity for Kingdom Karnage characters on both the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network (through $KKT) as well as currently on Enjin JumpNet. Players who have purchased Kingdom Karnage for JENJ on the marketplace will be able to trade those for $KKT which very shortly will be able to be easily withdrawn to a BSC wallet (once our withdrawal feature is live). Once withdrawn to the BSC network, you will be able to trade $KKT for other currencies on PancakeSwap.

How will it work?

To list an item on the auction house you will need to have it deposited in-game. This is the default status of any item looted in-game, so as long as you haven't withdrawn a character, you should be able to list it in the auction house immediately.

To access the auction house, simply click the new button at the top of the menu screen:

Any deposited asset will also have a “Auction” button appear on it when selected on the deck building page. By selecting this, you will be taken to the auction house sell page with all the details populated for the item.

The requirement to deposit assets in-game does create a limitation of what can be sold in the auction house. For example, you won’t currently be able to use the auction house to trade the Meta City Collaboration characters (Alene, Elrond, Gael) as these are Meta City NFTs.

More Coming Soon!

To clarify this release isn't even close to being our finalised auction house. Expect auction house updates in the near future including:

  • The addition of equipment/structures
  • The ability to make offers
  • An auction system
  • Item rentals
  • Website access to the auction house

… and that's just the auction house updates! Expect other major game updates that make use of our $KKT like the newly revamped King of Karnage mode to be released soon.

We’re building one of the most comprehensive game economies ever seen and we’re glad to have you along for the ride,