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Kingdom Karnage: Major NFT update

It’s about to be Karnage on the Binance Smart Chain!

  • Ready to rent - Through functionality gained by using Double Protocol’s token standards, all our NFTs will be rental-able through marketplaces that support this feature (like
  • Backed by KKT - Nearly all non-currency tokens will now be backed by KKT! This means KKT will be locked into those NFTs.
  • Ready for multichain - We have already partnered with XP.NETWORK so that as we add new chains, users can bridge NFTs to their blockchain of choice.

What will be mintable as an NFT?

  • Level 10 characters - Levelling from 9 to 10 requires a fee in KKT. The size of the fee depends on rarity: $5 common, $10 uncommon, $15 rare, $20 epic.
    Remember this fee is locked into your NFT!
  • Existing dynamic characters - Every existing dynamic character will be supplied virtually, and will need to be backed by $5 of KKT to mint it.
  • All legendary characters - Any rarity of legendary character can be minted and will require $25 of $KKT.

Lets rent!

  • Player A has an NFT they are not using that they wish to rent to another player in return for a crypto payment. Player A submits their NFT to Double Protocol’s website/smart contract along with the terms of the rental.
  • Player B peruses through many rental listing’s and comes across Player A’s NFT which they finds to have been listed at terms they find favourable. Player B accepts the daily rental price and selects how many days they wish to rent the NFT for. A smart contract then requests Player B submits the agreed payment.
  • Upon the payment being submitted, 3 things happen.
    1) The original NFT is stored by the system.
    2) A receipt NFT is sent to Player A giving them continued proof of ownership.
    3) Player B receives a “representative” token which has the full game utilities of the original token, but cannot be destroyed or sold.
  • Upon the terms of the contract being fulfilled (usually by the rental period ending) the original Token is returned to Player A and the two additional NFTs that were created for the transaction are burnt.

Multichain Madness

A phased journey



Play Kingdom Karnage, a Turn Based, Animated Combat, Trading Card Game. Cross platform, play on browser, mobile and computer.

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