Kingdom Karnage: Major NFT update

Karnage on the Binance Smart Chain!

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4 min readJan 19


You can now mint NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain!

We have worked with our partners to make our NFTs as functional as possible. From day one our NFTs will be:

  • Ready to rent - Through functionality gained by using Double Protocol’s token standards, all our NFTs will be rental-able through marketplaces that support this feature (like
  • Backed by KKT - Nearly all non-currency tokens will now be backed by KKT! This means KKT will be locked into those NFTs.
  • Ready for multichain - We have already partnered with XP.NETWORK so that as we add new chains, users can bridge NFTs to their blockchain of choice.

What is mintable as an NFT?

Not all Kingdom Karnage characters can be NFTs. Levels 1 to 9 of Common/Uncommon/Rare/Epic Rarities will be virtual (and remain tradable in the Kingdom Karnage in-game auction house).

The following scenarios will require KKT from the player to mint as an NFT (100% of the fee will be locked into the NFT):

  • Level 10 characters - Levelling from 9 to 10 requires a fee in KKT. The size of the fee depends on rarity: $5 common, $10 uncommon, $15 rare, $20 epic.
    Remember this fee is locked into your NFT!
  • Existing dynamic characters - Every existing dynamic character will be supplied virtually, and will need to be backed by $5 of KKT to mint it.
  • All legendary characters - Any rarity of legendary character can be minted and will require $25 of $KKT.

In the future you will be able to melt your characters to release the KKT in them. This process will destroy the NFT but return the KKT to you, the owner.

All new characters/items released as NFTs from this point (For example our soon to be released Coffin NFT) will be backed with KKT, but this will be included in the original sale price and minted to the purchaser directly.

Players that choose to mint their assets will open up additional utility such as external NFT marketplaces and rental functionality.

Lets rent!

Every NFT minted on Binance Smart Chain (and other Double Protocol supported networks) will be instantly leasable to other players. Marketplaces such as have special rental areas where players can list their NFTs along with terms of rental such as price per day etc.

The rental system is completely secure. Here is an over simplified version of how it plays out:

  • Player A has an NFT they are not using that they wish to rent to another player in return for a crypto payment. Player A submits their NFT to Double Protocol’s website/smart contract along with the terms of the rental.
  • Player B peruses through many rental listing’s and comes across Player A’s NFT which they finds to have been listed at terms they find favourable. Player B accepts the daily rental price and selects how many days they wish to rent the NFT for. A smart contract then requests Player B submits the agreed payment.
  • Upon the payment being submitted, 3 things happen.
    1) The original NFT is stored by the system.
    2) A receipt NFT is sent to Player A giving them continued proof of ownership.
    3) Player B receives a “representative” token which has the full game utilities of the original token, but cannot be destroyed or sold.
  • Upon the terms of the contract being fulfilled (usually by the rental period ending) the original Token is returned to Player A and the two additional NFTs that were created for the transaction are burnt.

Multichain Madness

One of the most exciting things about our partnership with the Altura Team is the ability to scale. Once we have successfully minted our existing characters to the Binance Smart Chain network, there will be no increased technical know-how to add other EVM chains such as Ethereum and Polygon, so it seems logical these will fall into place very quickly.

Every chain that Altura supports will come with the ability to lease your tokens on that chain, and will already be supported by their marketplace. This means as soon as we arrive on any chain there will immediately be infrastructure to support our players needs.

We’re working with XP Network to ensure that all tokens can be moved freely between any networks we support, preventing our supply from being stranded on a network, and giving our players the ability to make use of trading opportunities on multiple networks.

A phased journey

Everything in this article covers what we’re doing so far but there are many more plans that we can’t share with you yet.

We have already begun preparations for Cronos chain (which will follow Binance Smart Chain) and are starting to plan the 3rd and 4th chain we’ll be integrating with.

Exciting times!

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