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Kingdom Karnage: October Vote

Another month, another major choice in the hands of KK voters


  • Tournaments - Regular prize tournaments some of which will be funded by the global prize pool. Some tournaments will require player decks and others will be a “balanced mode” where players compete with a pre-set deck. We’re aiming to have something for everyone!
  • Endurance mode league - A major revamp to endurance mode is coming! Endurance mode will soon use a pre-set deck, with players competing to see who can get the most kills in a season. There will be a seasonal league table featuring KKT prizes.
  • Adventure mode - Adventure mode will allow you to select a deck through a series of choices (either draft selecting cards, or possibly points to spend in a shop). Once your deck is established you will be presented multiple paths to choose, each path will lead to an event that could be friendly (e.g. an encampment that adds a troop to your deck) or confrontational (e.g. a battle with a band of thieves). Don’t expect any relaxed battles in this mode; all characters killed are removed from your Adventure deck and cannot be used again (Unless of course we add a friendly event where you meet a witch doctor that can resurrect troops 😉). The paths will be the same for all players, so this is a mode you can work at with a guild or a group of friends. Careful however as this mode will also have a league table of prizes, you might help your guildmate get a better prize than you!

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