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Kingdom Karnage- Play2earn Spotlight #1

A review of play2earn during our Xmas 2021 event

Firstly thank you to everyone that’s joined us for the Xmas 2021 event (Click here for the intro article). We only hope its been as enjoyable for you as it has for us.

This year saw us introduce a new seasonal NFT, the Xmas Key. With the introduction of this key we were able to remove the daily limit to accessing the Xmas dungeon (which was in place for the 2020 event). This has ensured more of you could play when you wanted, rather than playing just because you had a daily dungeon to use up; at the same time the requirement of the key still limited the number of Skellimas characters being introduced. The introduction of Xmas keys has seemed to work well, and has also introduced a second seasonal item to trade and with it a new trading cycle that we’ve been thrilled to see.

While the Xmas event has been overwhelmingly positive, it’s not been perfect and we’re using your feedback to make next years even better. This year has seen some frustrating situations born from certain combinations of range character stacking behind Skellimas, so from now we’ve changed the dungeon so that range characters cannot spawn in the squares behind Skellimas.

Please note however this is making games end much faster, so there will also be a small adjustment to the drop rate of the Xmas key to ensure we don’t flood the market with Skellimas characters.

Of course for any trading cycle to establish we need supply and demand at various points. This year we saw several roles:
- Xmas Key sellers - Those that were less interested in the Xmas event but happy to have have an asset that was easy to sell.
- Xmas Key buyers - Those who are happy to invest a small amount of money so they can play the dungeon without the hassle of winning keys.
- Skellimas sellers - Sellers happy to play the Xmas event to realise the maximum income from their Xmas key drop.
- Skellimas buyers - High spending power and time poor, these players are happy to just pay for a cool NFT.

None of the above roles were a surprise to us, but what we were pleased with this year was how well the trading liquidity stood up enabling players to play multiple roles at once. Through most of this event it was incredibly lucrative to sell your Skellimas, and use the funds to buy Xmas keys. Skellimas was typically selling for around 0.5jenj, and Xmas keys trading around 0.1jenj, so a Skellimas was enough to fund around 5 keys. This thrilled us as this is exactly what we’re about at Kingdom Karnage. A player being able to transition time into money with zero outlay, what's more play2earn than that?

Lets also remember like most Kingdom Karnage events, the Xmas 2021 event was completely free. A new player could sign up, complete the first 10 levels of the campaign and then immediately start running dungeons. All dungeons dropped Xmas event keys, there was an equal chance in any dungeon of “Uncommon/common/gem” loots being swapped for an Xmas key

So within 1-2 hours a brand new player could establish an account and have been running this trading cycle, netting themselves around 0.4jenj per Xmas dungeon run (around $1.08 at time of writing). Show me another game where a new account can be earning around $3 an hour with zero investment!

We aren’t daft. This type of cycle is delicately balanced, which is why we’re only writing about it at the end of 2021 event. We just wanted to highlight play2earn opportunities Kingdom Karnage brings its players…. and trust us, we’re only just getting started!

At the time of writing there’s still 1 more day of the Xmas event - Get grinding those keys!

P.S. Remember any leftover Xmas keys will be usable next year!

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