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Kingdom Karnage - PvP League

Introducing Play and Earn PvP (Monthly crypto prizes)

Starting in October, Kingdom Karnage will be introducing a monthly PvP league starting with 140 JENJ of Enjin coin prizes.

The monthly league will be completely free to enter and feature 100 x JENJ prizes, including a top prize of 20 JENJ:

Please note this monthly league will be in addition to the already generous weekly PvP prizes where you can earn up to 2 rare cards and 20 gems for achieving 2000 PvP points in a week.

When does the league start?

It already has! We’ve been collecting data from PvP starting back in October. If you are one of our regular PvP players you’ll already have an advantage for this month. See how you’re doing here:

And moving forward?

Moving forward we hope to be able to provide a cash PvP tournament on a regular calendar month basis. As always anything we introduce is under evaluation and subject to tweaking; if enough people enter we may even increase the prizes!!

This is the first of many play and earn incentives we intend on introducing with Kingdom Karnage - more soon!

Any questions please reach out to us on any of the community links below,

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