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Kingdom Karnage: September Vote

This vote is so significant it deserves its own Medium page!


Currently, all character levels can be sold on the auction house which means characters available for sale are spread over 10 levels. We’ve noted this is making it difficult to both find, compare and value items; this is something we expect to only worsen as the game grows and new characters are added.

Proposed Solution

We propose limiting auction house trading to only levels 1 and 10 of common/uncommon/rare characters (Levels 2 to 9 will be removed from the auction house). In addition to making changes to the auction house, we will also add functionality to reset levelled-up common/uncommon/rare characters back to the original number of level 1 characters (which can then be traded).

Resetting Characters

As mentioned above resetting common/uncommon/rare characters to level 1 will be implemented at the same time as the auction house changes. To stop the market from being flooded with level 1 characters there will be a staggered fee for resetting characters during the first month:

The Vote

As normal, the vote will go up around 12:00 UTC on the 21st of the month. All voters will be directed to this medium article to read the proposal and then simply be given two options “FOR” and “AGAINST” to indicate if you support the proposal or not.



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