Kingdom Karnage x Cronos Labs

KK is coming to the Cronos network! KK multichain!

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2 min readMar 22


Thrilled to announce our partnership with Cronos Labs. Kingdom Karnage (KK) was one of the successful applicants to Batch 7 of the Cronos Ecosystem Grants.

Over the next year, we will be:

  • Deploying Kingdom Karnage NFTs on the Cronos network!
  • Holding Kingdom Karnage NFT sales in the NFT marketplace (Starting with pets in Q2 2023).
  • Listing collections of Kingdom Karnage NFTs on other Cronos NFT marketplaces such as Minted and Ebisu’s Bay.
  • Bringing Kingdom Karnage’s native currency KKT to Cronos.

As a result of this partnership, you can also expect mutual advertising/promotions, new Cronos players joining Kingdom Karnage, and new Cronos network facilities for your NFTs!

The first KK NFT sale on Cronos - Pets!

Before the end of Q2 2023, Kingdom Karnage will be selling pets on the NFT marketplace.

Listed for sale will be a Pet Key NFT. Each key submitted will open a pet loot box, awarding the user a Djinn pet NFT. At launch, there will be 5 different Djinn Pets, each available in 5 different rarities.

Pets will provide both passive and in-game benefits, you can read more about them here.

Getting started with Cronos

Some of our players may not be familiar with the Cronos network. We will make sure before we launch on Cronos that we share/write guides that explain all the changes in detail as well as how to go about getting started.

You can expect your base experience on Cronos to include all of the features we’ve just added to Binance Smart Chain. Our partners Altura Team & Double Protocol are supporting the Cronos network so we’ll immediately be able to provide:

  • Access to Altura/Double Protocol NFT marketplaces on Cronos.
  • The facility to rent NFTs on the Cronos network.
  • Loot boxes and more.

On top of that, you’ll have access to new marketplaces and services that are available on the Cronos network.

An exciting partnership, we look forward to welcoming the Crofam to Kingdom Karnage!

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