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KK Midas Vault - Voting FAQ

Why you should vote & how it all works!

Midas Vault Voting - Frequently Asked Questions

How often do Kingdom Karnage votes happen?

Does it cost me anything to vote?

What’s Vault Power?

What happens to Vault Power earnt during the Voting period?

Is there a minimum amount of KKT you have to stash to participate?

  • By stashing 59 KKT for 30 days.
  • By stashing 108 KKT for 15 days.
  • By stashing 1748 KKT for 1 day.

How are my rewards calculated?

Any withdrawal fees? How long until I can withdraw my KKT?

How much will I earn for Voting?

When do I receive my voting reward?



Play Kingdom Karnage, a Turn Based, Animated Combat, Trading Card Game. Cross platform, play on browser, mobile and computer.

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