KK Midas Vault - Voting FAQ

Why you should vote & how it all works!

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3 min readOct 10, 2022


Welcome to our FAQ on Midas Vault Voting.

If after reading this article you still have questions outstanding, please raise these on our Telegram or Discord channels and we’ll update this article.

Midas Vault Voting - Frequently Asked Questions

How often do Kingdom Karnage votes happen?

Midas vault votes happen every month, they start on 21st of the month and close 7 days later on the 28th. Any exceptions to this will be advertised on our Telegram and Discord.

Does it cost me anything to vote?

There is no cost to the user for voting. All players earn Vault Power by stashing KKT in the Midas Vault. Vault Power is awarded daily to everyone with KKT in the Midas Vault.

Please note: To access the Midas Vault, players require a King Midas character. He can be purchased from our online shop, in-game or from other players in the auction house.

What’s Vault Power?

All players earn Vault Power for stashing KKT in the Midas Vault.

Vault Power is awarded daily during the midnight (UTC) sever reset. Vault Power is awarded at a rate of 1 Vault Power per KKT stashed in the Midas Vault.

What happens to Vault Power earnt during the Voting period?

On the 21st when voting starts, that months Vault Power is frozen in order to protect your share of that month's payment. Your Vault power is then reset to 0 and any Vault Power earnt from that point is reserved for following months vote.

Is there a minimum amount of KKT you have to stash to participate?

There is no official minimum but your right to vote is only recognised by the system if you are due at least 1KKT in rewards from the reward pool. As it's a pool system the amount of Vault Power required will vary depending on the amount of KKT in the pool and the amount of KKT others have stashed. To give you rough idea in the first Midas vote 1748 Vault Power was required which could be achieved by stashing as little as 59 KKT.

Remember Vault Power is earnt daily. So, 1748 Vault Power could have been earnt through any of the following examples:

  • By stashing 59 KKT for 30 days.
  • By stashing 108 KKT for 15 days.
  • By stashing 1748 KKT for 1 day.

How are my rewards calculated?

The formula for your share of the rewards is:

Your reward =
Total monthly voting pool * Your Vault Power/Total community Vault Power

Any withdrawal fees? How long until I can withdraw my KKT?

No withdrawal fees, no minimum stashing periods, deposit and withdraw your KKT as you please! When you withdraw you keep any Vault Power earnt and will still receive your share of the voting rewards.

How much will I earn for Voting?

There is no fixed amount in the Voting pool each month, Voting is fed from our Global pool every 10 minutes. The contribution from Global is a fixed %, which means the voting pool will grow faster the more KKT there is in the Global pool.

When do I receive my voting reward?

As soon as you vote! If you vote on the 21st when voting opens, you will receive your KKT reward direct to your in-game KKT balance. You will then be able to view the KKT received on your KKT log.

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