KK Stress Test - 1st March 2023

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2 min readFeb 27


Real-time multiplayer! Come & battle the KK Team!

We are now on the cusp of deploying real-time multiplayer! Internal testing is going well and all major bugs have been addressed. One final test is required before we release it, and that's a check that everything performs well under player numbers, and that’s where we need you!

When is the stress test taking place?

The main focus of the stress test will be Wednesday 1st March 2023 between 20:30 UTC and 21:30 UTC. The KK team will hang around for as long as there are plenty of people playing. You’ll find redd and Dani (and maybe even Nick!) lurking in the PvP queues.

How do I participate?

Around 20:00 UTC on Wednesday, we will publish two links in our Telegram (one for PC, one for android).

PC: Please download the zipped file. Uncompress the files within the folder and run the Kingdom Karnage application.

Android: Please remove any currently installed versions of Kingdom Karnage, download the APK file, and simply run the file which will unpack to your device.

Once you have opened the test version of the game, you will be able to log in with your usual login details. You should find everything you had in the main game has been copied over. Anything you do in the test server will not affect your main game progress.

That’s it! Once you’ve logged in you’re all ready to participate in the stress test. Just log on at 20:30 UTC and play PvP. If anyone is having problems setting up, please reach out on our Telegram or Discord.

See you Wednesday at the stress test!

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