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Midas Temple Raffle Contest

Win extra prizes playing Kingdom Karnage’s newest dungeon.

The Midas Temple dungeon has recently launched in Kingdom Karnage and to celebrate the launch we’re holding a competition with over $200 of additional prizes (Including a legendary Pestilent Bonelord & $150 of Midas Temple keys).

Remember Midas Temple is the first dungeon in Kingdom Karnage to award two loots for every successful run, and also the first place to guarantee KKT as loot. Read more about the Temple here:

The details
Starting Monday 18th July at 00:01 UTC until the end of August, earn raffle tickets for every golden statue you finish the Midas Temple with. Accumulate as many tickets as you can over multiple games. Remember there is no limit to the number of keys a player can own.

You can buy Midas Temple keys from our FIAT shop in USD($):

Early September we will use a random number generator to select the winners of the raffle and will of course distribute prizes to the winners.

Over $200 in prizes:
1 x Pestilent Bonelord
1 x Midas Temple Key 4 ($50 total value)
2 x Midas Temple Key 3 ($50 total value)
3 x Midas Temple Key 2 ($30 total value)
20 x Midas Temple Key 1 ($20 total value)

We have created a high score table so you can see the number of raffle tickets you and other players have earnt here:

Bow down to the queen
Our very own Dani streams 3 times a week featuring Midas Temple. Make sure you pop by her stream for plenty of hints n tips on how to boost those raffle tickets!

Dani recently knocked it out the ballpark with a whopping 15 statues!!! Click here to see her record setting run.

Keep up with Dani on our official Twitch channel:

Dani’s stream schedule:

Best of luck to everyone in the Midas Temple Raffle!!!



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