Vampires in Kingdom Karnage!?

Generate our newest characters free with the Vampire Coffin NFT

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At Kingdom Karnage we pride ourselves on being web 2.5, creating a game that can be played by both traditional game users (web 2) and blockchain game users (web 3) alike. This one, however, is for web 3 users!

Presenting: Lilith & Satrina

Lilith and Satrina are our newest Kingdom Karnage characters, and the first Vampires to be added to the undead race.

Neither character will ever drop in-game, their sole distribution method will be the “Blood Box” which will be an online loot box openable by submitting a Blood Box Key. Every month 1 Blood Box Key will be distributed to holders of the Vampire Coffin NFT. Holding multiple Coffins will allow you to gain multiple monthly key drops.

Satrina is a rare melee character, and Lilith is a legendary melee character:

Leveling up a Vampire

Vampire characters will not level in the traditional way, you will need blood tokens. These will also be obtainable by opening Blood Boxes, Blood Tokens will not be available from any other method.

For the first 2000 Blood Boxes opened there will be an increased chance to get your hands on one of our Vampire NFTs:

As you can see from the tables above, early Coffin purchasers will be rewarded with 5 times greater chance to loot Vampire NFTs in the early months.

You can see how many Blood Tokens are required to level each of our Vampire NFTs from the table below:

Acquiring a Vampire Coffin NFT

Primarily Vampire Coffin NFTs will only be listed for sale through our partner Altura on the Binance Smart Chain network. The listing will be priced in BNB. Click here to be taken to the Kingdom Karnage page on the Altura Marketplace.

Vampire Coffin NFTs will be sold in batches. As each batch goes for sale the price will be set at the equivalent of 100,000 KKT of currency (The first batch will be 0.188 BNB each). This means if the price of KKT rises, so will the effective cost of future batches of Vampire Coffin NFTs (in USD value).

For the foreseeable future, 100% of the profit from Coffin sales will be used to buy back KKT and increase KKT liquidity.


There is currently no way to deposit the vampire characters to the game, so they will be unable to be used by anyone that does not own a crypto wallet. Depositing vampires to game may be something we look at in the future.

We appreciate that this may frustrate some of our non-blockchain gamers, but if you want any support opening wallets, we are more than happy to help.

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