Work Placement Diary

Introduction and Day I

Going to use Medium to write my day to day diary for my work placement which actually begins on the 29th February. The reason I am beginning it now (24/02/2016) is that I have already made a start on getting the basics sorted for my project within my placement.

Hold on… I should probably begin with what my placement is.

Now this is where it gets a bit confusing, my project was given to the Northern Regional College (NRC), who were asked to redesign the Kings Country Cottages website. I was suggested this a project to do, so my placement is through the NRC but also could be considered freelance. However this will give me the experience within the industry as I will be dealing with the client by myself.

As I can’t sit in my usual campus, Newtownabbey, because the purpose of the placement is for us to get out of our comfort zones and experience working in a professional environment. I have to go up to the Ballymoney campus, now this could get quite expensive for travel as a return train ticket cost £17.50 for one day. Which as you expect is quite expensive for five weeks and every day of the week. So for one day a week I will be in Ballymoney, and then the rest of the week I am able to use a desk within the office for BigWetFish, as I know the owner Stephen.

Back to the original purpose of this post.

Today I started with setting up my laptop with all the software I need as I had recently formatted it. There were 4 main pieces of software I installed, all open source.


This is an open source code editor that is for HTML, CSS and JavaScript that’s built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This is my go to coding tool, I always use this and probably always will.


I use github as a development tool when it comes to websites, using GitHub Pages, I am able to view my websites easily on multiple devices. I also use it for version control.


This is an open source GUI compiler for pre-processors, I use this as I have recently started using SASS to help speed up the styling process.


MAMP is a local server environment, this is what I use when I am developing WordPress sites, as I am going to be building the final website as a CMS.

I also downloaded the latest release of WordPress so that I could begin preparing the WordPress side of the build. This involved setting up the database using phpMyAdmin. WordPress is very easy to install, in fact they pride themselves on their five minute install

That’s it for this one, tomorrow I will be doing some work on the initial design, and sketch up a few ideas. Maybe even do a working prototype, as Tom Baker said in The Day of the Doctor:

Bye for now, see you next time.

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