KingsBottle — Front Venting Wine Coolers Exhibits Superior Performance & Elegant Design Elements.

In the last few years, amateur and wine enthusiast around the world, have been commonly asking some common question about front venting wine cooler, which several like me have tried to answer from time and time again. Though there are several manufacturers in the foray when it comes to Australia, where summers are hot, and the heat is unbearable, only a few refrigerators perform as they intend to do. However, KingsBottle is a star performer, when it comes to Australian Heat.

KingsBottle has a well-established reputation of building state-of-the-art fridges, which incorporate innovative design, exhibits high performance, and excellent craftsmanship, to match perfectly with any home decor. Today the company is recognized as a front-runner in the Australian wine & beverage refrigeration industry, setting many a benchmark in quality, style, and service that several other companies attempt to emulate.

A front vented wine cooler is crafted & designed primarily to be built-in as a matching component to fit flush with your cabinetry. Front Venting of the refrigeration unit is positioned at the bottom of the face of the assembly. Hence, it doesn’t require any breathing space on the back or either side of the wine fridge. Crafted with some of the best components KingsBottle- front venting wine cooler are built to last long. Besides that, the company backs up their products with two years warranty, which can be further extended to five years, as well. Eco-friendly, superior-grade compressor; no vibrations, super low noise are some of the common characteristics KingsBottle refrigeration products.

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