Longevity And The Things We Do To Maintain It

At the core of every living thing is the desire for survival. To live as long and as securely as we see fit. While there is some virtue in having the will to survive, it would be wrong not acknowledge the times when it turns into a vice.

I went to church last Sunday as a gift to my mother. It was on Mother’s Day , so the content being preached had a Mother’s Day theme, but I’ll get to that in a moment. I would like to focus on the tactics used by the church to keep its doors open. But before I do, I would like to state that I understand the need for some organizations to ask for resources to stay afloat. I also understand that any resources given to them are generally given by a third party’s own free will. However, there is still something to be said about the methods used to obtain those resources.

It’s not uncommon for churches to ask for offerings. When I was younger this meant people would either offer some money they had on their person or write checks to the church. Recently, however, they have “improved” this exchange by allowing you to use your credit card. I am still dumbfounded by this. I don’t know why, but I never thought a church would try to modernize themselves to this degree. I always thought of the church as a place that excludes itself from the modern world. A place for prayer and to be one with God. Adapting is fine, but it becomes tiresome when the purpose mystified by the streamline method of receiving money.

Now, I would like to discuss the sermon. As I mentioned before, it was a Mother’s Day themed sermon. The thing is, there wasn’t much talk about religious stuff. There wasn’t the usual talk about stories in the Bible nor was there much talk about God. What did it consist of? Mainly stuff to get laughs. Comments the preacher knew people would nod in agreement at. In between that were your classic gospel songs and some acknowledgements to people who did something significant that were at the church.

Now I hadn’t been to church in a VERY long time. I’m also not very religious to begin with. So, I could be/ probably am talking straight out of my bum on this one. But I just don’t feel this is how church is supposed to go. So why do they do this? Well, I think it ties back into trying to survive. The church is trying to gain loyal followers. Sure they may be loyal to God but they can go to any church they want. My church probably knows that. So, they make jokes to make people feel at home. Is there anything wrong with that? Not really, but again it’s getting to the point where the reason people go to church differs to the reason why a church is supposed to exist.

Idk. I don’t really have a fight in this battle. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Tell me what you think. Am I wrong beyond belief or do I have some kind of point. Love to hear your thoughts.