Our interview with Bumpers founder Jacob Thornton

Erin Frey
Aug 7, 2017 · 2 min read

“I invest in therapy because I owe a lot of my success to it, frankly. I don’t think I could operate at the level that I operate without it.”

This week on #braintalk, we interviewed fat, founder of podcast startup Bumpers.

We covered everything from:
- Jacob’s first panic attack
- The meditation that triggered his anxiety
- Tools he learned in therapy that help him everyday
- One weird but effective trick his therapist taught him
- How cool it was to realize many of his friends went to therapy
- What you should look for when finding a therapist

Here’s a sneak peek:

What surprised you about therapy?

“It wasn’t necessarily therapy so much as I remember feeling self-conscious about going to therapy. People would ask me, “What are you doing at 5 o’clock tomorrow,” and I’d say, “I got a thing.”

And then one day I asked one of my really good friends, Nick Fisher, what he was doing tomorrow. He said, “I’m going to therapy,” and I said, “Oh dude, you go to therapy?” And he says to me:

“Dude, any well adjusted 25–30 year old– I don’t trust them if they’re not going to therapy.” He said, “Hell Yeah! I’m a grown ass man, of course I go to therapy!

I remember that it cracked me up. He made therapy seem so normal and great and rad. And then around that moment, I was like , “oh hell yeah, that is tight! And that is true–therapy is super normal. My good friend Anton is another example of someone who open about going to therapy. The more times in my life I’ve found out that certain individuals would go to therapy or coaching regularly, the more times they ended up being the people I could count on or people whom I saw as the most well-adjusted or the most comfortable with themselves in whatever situation they were in.

It’s so easy to get caught up , it was so easy to think, “Aw man, I have to deal with this weird shit on my own.” So I think the thing that surprised me most was how many other people were also going to therapy and how it was a cool, normal-ass thing like going to the dentist or getting a haircut or anything else.

Especially in our industry–not to make it about our industry but I’m sharing this because a lot of my friends are tech nerds–we deal with such extreme levels of stress without a ton of outlets to release it. I think that having some way to manage that stuff and getting taught these skills in therapy that otherwise you don’t have is profoundly important. And it has helped me with relationship stuff, work stuff, friendship stuff, and just a whole bunch of other stuff in my life.”

Check out the episode and get $50 off your first Kip session with the code BUMPERS.

Erin Frey

Written by

Erin Frey

Cofounder at hellokip.com: Not your average therapy service. Y Combinator W16. Yale ‘08.

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