How to reduce the cost of therapy

The Kip Team
Mar 31, 2017 · 2 min read

Medical insurance covers many things, but they sure don’t make it easy to use it for therapy. We are often asked why Kip doesn’t accept insurance. We want to explain why and provide real options to reduce your therapy costs.

The TL;DR is that health insurance companies make it hard for therapists to work with them.

  • Insurance companies restrict the number of therapists in their network.
  • Insurance companies ask therapists to do more work — at below-market rates — and can make it hard to get paid.
  • Insurance companies often restrict care, only covering specific diagnoses and refusing to reimburse clients who don’t meet what they consider “someone who needs therapy.”

Yeah, the mental health system is hugely broken.

We’re trying to fix it with Kip.

Here are four options which you can take advantage of now to save money on therapy:


If you’re employed, you may be part of or be eligible to enroll in either an FSA (Flexible Savings Account) or an HSA (Health Savings Account). These are tax-advantaged accounts that let you spend pre-tax income on health costs. They’re a double win for you because you get the full value of your earnings (no taxes) and you also reduce your income (lower taxes overall). You can use your FSA or HSA funds to pay for Kip. Learn more

Insurance Reimbursement

Even though Kip doesn’t accept insurance, many insurance plans will reimburse a portion of their out-of-network therapy bills. Kip provides you with a coded bill (called a superbill) that you can submit to your insurance provider. Kip is also partnered with Better, a service that saves you time and hassle by submitting claims on your behalf.

Office Wellness Plans

If your company offers a “Health & Wellness” budget as a perk, it probably covers therapy. A mentally healthy workforce is more productive, so preventative mental wellness care is worth the investment. Ask your office manager about wellness perks. If they don’t exist in your office, email us and we can help you bring a Kip benefit to your company.

Kip Satisfaction Guarantee

Therapy is an investment and we believe Kip therapy is the best. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund the cost your first session.

We hope the options described above help you make therapy more affordable. And we’re always available via email and phone 415–857–2429.

Originally published at on March 31, 2017.

Kip Blog

The official blog of We’re building the future of therapy and sharing tips, resources, and updates along the way.

The Kip Team

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Kip Blog

Kip Blog

The official blog of We’re building the future of therapy and sharing tips, resources, and updates along the way.

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