Following the launch of our public testnet a few weeks ago, we are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with multi-chain data indexing network Unmarshal.

Going forward, the KIRA team will assist Unmarshal with development of data integrity verification technology, and will work closely together to ensure the best possible experience for end users accessing the interchain space. Thanks to on-chain data integrity verification, client-facing applications will be able to trust decentralized data providers rather than only centralized API providers such as INFURA.

At present, the Unmarshal network supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Elrond, and Polkadot as well as…

Dear KIRA community, as we approach the completion of the public Testnet, which will be followed by incentivized games, we wanted to recap a few details about the upcoming Mainnet.

KIRA’s Mainnet will launch in the Proof of Authority mode, similarly to Polkadot, and include a Governance module that will establish new rules for on-boarding new validators, new governance members and further execute on-chain upgrades. This transition phase will ensure that all network operators establish a strong off-chain consensus in terms of how the network should be operated, interacted with, and upgraded towards the full Multi-Bonded Proof of Stake release.

We are excited to announce a new listing for KEX token. On June 17'th at 8 AM UTC the token will be available for trading at

This is another important step in providing our token holders with liquidity and wider market access via secure and trusted listing partners.

Upon the launch of the KIRA Mainnet in the coming months, we’ll continue to support ERC20 KEX token along the staking program, while also introducing the native KEX Mainnet token. Both tokens will be able to be easily converted from ERC20 to native KEX at 1:1 rate. …

KIRA and Clover Finance enter a strategic partnership to enable liquid, non-custodial staking of digital assets issued and available via Clover Finance apps and extensions to be staked on KIRA.

Clover enables users to easily navigate and transact assets between foreign decentralized networks. By creating a cross-chain asset bridge between KIRA and Clover any digital asset issued on and accessible via the Colover platform will gain the ability to generate yield from staking on KIRA. …

Building a truly inclusive, capable DeFi ecosystem is at the heart of what KIRA stands for. With this view in mind, we built the world’s first cross-chain staking system and designed a solution to unlock the liquidity of billions of dollars worth of staked assets.

Now, as part of our vision to bring the benefits of KIRA to the widest audience possible, we’ve formed a strategic partnership with a platform that makes diving into the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency and DeFi a safer, more intuitive experience — we’re talking about Public Mint!

As a platform built for issuing fully collateralized…

In this article, you will discover how digital fiat can be used to onboard users of legacy economies into the cryptocurrency space, incentivize them and secure decentralized networks with the value of real-world assets.

The most critical part of any financial system is trust, whether that trust comes from the authority of the government or the latest technological developments, it is essential that users of those systems have the ability to quantitatively measure that trust and understand the potential risk associated with storing wealth under the custody of financial platforms.

Building Lasting Trust

Within the KIRA network ‘trust’ is measured with the ‘value’…

What do KIRA and RAMP DEFI have in common, aside from a love of all caps? That’s right, staking. Specifically, both projects are focused on helping DeFi users extract every last drop of value from their staked assets. Given that KIRA and RAMP are pursuing similar goals when it comes to unlocking the full potential of any digital asset to generate yield, it makes sense to partner and pool our resources and brain power. So that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We’re pleased to announce that KIRA will be working with RAMP DEFI to roll out a Proof of Concept for…

Following our recent partnership with Unmarshal, which has accelerated development of our API toolset and data integrity verification technology making it easier for both frontend and blockchain applications to access and query blockchain state of many independent decentralized networks at the same time, it feels like a good time to re-explore the concept of liquid and leveraged staking.

What is liquid staking? What is leveraged staking? How do they work and who do they benefit? And how can KIRA optimize passive income generation while de-linking risk from the matrix?

Liquid Staking: An Introduction

If you’ve spent any time at all in the cryptocurrency space…

Virtually all blockchain developers are familiar with Infura, the scalable development suite providing instant API access to Ethereum. Infura and similar blockchain API on demand services, despite their ease of use, pose a real threat to any client-facing applications. This is particularly pronounced during utilization peaks such as periods of high market volatility when access to the client-facing applications such as centralized exchanges and wallets is most important for the users.

To mitigate issues associated with the centralization of API services, KIRA team has developed a decentralized version of Infura service. INTERX, aka “Interchain NginX,” which not only provides scalable…

We are excited to announce that KIRA’s Public Testnet (testnet-1) will be officially launching on March 31st, 2021 at 12 PM UTC. Testnet-1 features the first stable release of KIRA relay chain (KIRA Hub) and includes governance module, infrastructure deployment tool and frontend application. The public testnet launch comes after an extensive private testing period over the last 90 days, during which total of 412 issues, PR’s and suggestion reports were raised and addressed thanks to 222 private testnet participants.

Games, Challenges, Rewards & Participation

The Public Testnet launch will be followed by incentivized games, challenges and competitions that will enable participants to earn KEX…


Powering DeFi with Liquid Staking

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