Design of circular plastic food packaging

1.6 billion Danish Kroners. That’s how much the Danish economy can save every year by a better utilization and recycling of plastic packaging. We undertook the task of finding out how.

“It is a key issue for the Danish Chamber of Commerce to support the Danish retail industry to convert their many different packagings into recyclable versions and to save materials without compromising functionality like the prevention of food waste and shelf life. This requires a targeted development and design effort and with steady hand Kirk, Hatch & Bloom has managed our joint value chain project and designed a proces approach and design guide that benefits the development of sustainable food packaging. We look forward to see this guide implemented and spread out to other packaging types as well.”

Jakob Lamm Zeuthen, Environmental Policy Director, Danish Chamber of Commerce



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Kirk, Hatch & Bloom

We’re a Scandinavian design and innovation studio located in Copehagen and Vejle, Denmark. We build sustainable brand, products and services.