New business models born from green energy solutions

In 2017, Ørsted started a new strategic direction towards green energy and sustainable restructuring. This direction opens up for the development and implementation of green energy solutions that reduce the negative effects of climate change. Together with Ørsted, we defined a series of future business models within sustainable transport.

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We all use energy. The average Dane alone uses approx. 1,600 kWh electricity a year. As technology evolves, new ways of producing and consuming energy have emerged. Green energy production, such as wind energy and natural gas, have become more efficient and electric-powered cars, bicycles and scooters have become mainstream. But how is consumer behaviour really related to green energy and consumption? Together with Ørsted, we uncovered business opportunities in regards to Danish electricity consumers and transport.

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To create insight into consumer needs, preferences and behaviors, we started by carrying out an anthropological field studies in the homes of Danes. Here we explored the meaning of a sustainable life and choosing responsible green solutions. We discussed the ideal choice vs. the practical easy choice. We mapped out barriers and opportunities. We talked about the value of choosing green and when the price of the green choices are too high.

Through a 5-day design sprint and in close collaboration with Ørsted, we applied these insights to design & build prototypes. These where used to test and validate Ørsted’s value proposition — as provider of green energy solutions for private consumers.

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The project resulted in a qualitatively validated basis for decisions. Insights, prototypes and test-results helped inform and qualify the strategic direction of Ørsted. On three levels: A communicative level, a product level and a business level.


  • Field studies and in-depth interviews with consumers


On the basis of the project, Ørsted has been able to make business-critical decisions on a qualified basis in relation to which new products and services they need to develop and, not least, which ones they should not. The organisation’s focus and resources could thus be used where it really creates the greatest value for the customers.

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