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How to use the Kirobo Undo Button

Undo Button for ETH transactions non-custodial solutions is a decentralized platform that adds a protective layer to blockchain transactions, making transactions safer and more accessible to crypto beginners and veterans alike.

Our goal is to reduce the possibility of asset loss due to human error and thus help people feel confident about sending blockchain transactions.

Our Undo Button for blockchain transactions is currently available with BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, UNI, SUSHI, LINK, DAI, USDC and WBTC.

How to use the Undo Button (ETH desktop version)

Simply go to and click send/collect ETH.

Then connect your wallet to the platform. Kirobo is compatible with every wallet that uses the Wallet Connect protocol. For this example we will be using the Metamask wallet.

After connecting, you’ll see the following screen:

You (as the sender) fill out all the fields, including the receiver's ETH address. Please note that it is preferable to use an independent ERC-20 compatible ETH address, that is, not connected to an exchange.

You then create a one-time secret password comprising 6 digits, and press send.

Note: you communicate the password to the sender outside of this system. Email, text message, phone call, however is convenient.

The connected wallet notification comes up:

Press the confirm button and you’ll see the funds in the outgoing page:

The receiver goes to their outgoing messages on and sees the following screen:

The receiver presses collect, enters the password, and then presses collect one more time.

The transaction is signed, and the funds are collected!

How to use the Undo Button (ETH mobile version)

Go to and press the send/collect ETH button.

Then press connect wallet.

In our case, we connect to MetaMask.

Then press connect.

Enter your ETH address.

Then simply follow the instructions. Press next, enter the transfer amount, press next again, create a password, then press send.

As before, you communicate the password to the recipient outside of the system.

The recipient presses collect.

Enter the password and collect your funds!

On both desktop and mobile, you can undo the transaction up until the point that the receiver enters the correct password!

The article is not investment advice and must be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis. You can use KIRO for utility purposes only. Israeli, Canadian, and USA citizens cannot buy KIRO.




Kirobo adds a protective layer for Blockchain transactions. We help people get back control of their funds, and reduce the possibility of asset loss due to human error. The “undo button” is available for ETH,USDT,BNB,UNI,SUSHI,LINK,DAI, USDC ,WBTC and MANA

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