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Dolores Huerta, Photo courtesy of Dolores Huerta Foundation

A Conversation with visionary Human & Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta

Architectural Drawing, the Peace & Justice Center
Bea Solís, Bia Vieira, Dolores Huerta, Grassroots Womxn Rising, Fresno, CA, 2019. Photo courtesy of Surina Khan




KISKADEE focuses on stories of female-identified and LGBTQI communities throughout the Americas, capturing the public health, economic and political impacts of COVID-19. Through stories, Kiskadee uplifts stories of individual and community resistance to author

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Bia Vieira

Bia Vieira

Bia is a queer organizer, producer, strategist, and political and cultural activist. Her life’s work centers around advocating for a more just and safe wold.

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