30,000-foot view of integration need among BPM and other enterprise softwares

Gayathri Aruswami
Dec 27, 2017 · 2 min read
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It is becoming indispensable for the enterprises to use systems like Human Resource, Sales & Marketing, Purchase, Finance & Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Communication, Collaboration, etc.., In addition to this, core systems like Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Loan Management, etc.., are used.Communication is essential to the success of the organisation, if not for its essential functioning. Systems ought to interact with each other as much as humans do.

Platforms like Zapier, Dell Boomi, Jitterbit provides the possibility of SYSTEM-CENTRIC integration. However, SaaS BPM like KiSSFLOW offers Business-Human Centric Integration to orchestrate the flow of work/events among HUMANS and SYSTEMS.

In the absence of requisite integrations among these systems, a typical process might take weeks if not months. By embracing the BPM software, lead time could be significantly brought down, but with the caveat when the processes are well defined.

With disparate systems, IT Team ends up spending considerable effort on aggregating data to generate meaningful insights. On the other hand, with adequate integration available among BPM and rest of the systems, near real-time visibility becomes perceptible. Evidently, having such a setup offers a byproduct — An audit trail of all transactions that crisscross the interconnected systems. This byproduct could very well manifest itself into a data warehouse, enabling the organisation to gear up for Business intelligence.

A few of my experiences:

  • When a Purchase Requisition is getting approved in KiSSFLOW, a Purchase Order has to be seamlessly created in the Procurement System by picking up the required details. For replicating each order manually in the Procurement system, the user has to spend approximately 10 to 15 mins per order(A single order can have hundreds of line items to be keyed in). This time can be drastically reduced if integration is in place and imagine the time you would have saved in one year for thousands of Orders.
  • Coming to the Analytics, pushing data from different systems into Business Analytics tools like Power BI, Zoho Reports, etc.., to generate meaningful insights and dashboards.
  • If we take Order to Cash, whenever a new order is being booked, the system should automatically reserve the booked items in the Inventory system without human intervention. Once the Items are shipped, the inventory has to be decremented.

Enterprises typically use multiple applications that are custom built or acquired from a 3rd party or a legacy system, etc.., Having said that, enterprise integration is no easy task as it deals with multiple applications running on multiple platforms. However, if the required integrations are in place, this can take the organisation multiple leaps forward.

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