Basics of Sales to be Successful

Sivabalan T
Apr 22, 2019 · 3 min read
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I can never get bored of talking or writing about what I love and what I am passionate about. And this is going to be about sales, but I am not here to discuss various strategies or approaches towards sales because there are some experts who will talk about all that. I am here just to show what sales is all about and how to be successful by following a few simple ways to be the best salesperson from my experience.

There are salespeople who struggle, and that’s because of they OVER complicate it. What they go through is either because they talk too much or they try to sell too much and sometimes they overthink everything that they do. So here are some simple basics which are very important for every salesperson and to be successful.

Follow the BASICS and you can master the art of selling.

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S — Solve the problem

Sales cannot happen when you try to sell something but only when you SOLVE their problem. When salespeople try to sell something they will only focus on selling their product over the prospect and the problem it will solve. But often when people buy something, they like to save their money, get an upgrade, and save their time. To be successful in selling you have to identify their problem which your product will solve.

A — Asks lots of Questions

We are there to solve their problems to sell, but how do we find out if they have a problem? We ask them questions about what caused the problem, the impact of that problem, their current set up, the cost involved, and it goes on. The more questions you ask, the more you find out which will help you in building a strong relationship with the prospect and you get more leverage to sell now.

L — Listen more

The most important basic skill for sales is to LISTEN more than you talk. And this is one of the common mistakes which most of the salesperson does. Most of them just talk about their product and benefits, thinking that by listening to the benefits the prospect will buy. But the real magic happens only when you listen, which creates a good rapport, strong relationships, and most importantly it will give some chance to collect some crucial information to solve their problem.

E — Empathise

Emotional intelligence is a major factor for any aspect, but when it comes to sales it is even more crucial and empathy plays a big part in it. Building trust and rapport with customers can happen only when you understand them, this doesn’t mean you have to agree for whatever they are telling but you have to show them that you understand their problem and situation. When they feel that you understand them, it gives them more chance to have a strong rapport with them, which will help you in getting sales.

S — Share Knowledge

The role of a salesperson is just not to sell but to be very strong in knowledge. You just don’t have to share the benefits and features of your product but go a step ahead and share knowledge about the industry, and the experience you have gained out of it and which will, in turn, help the customer.

The best salespeople are not those who know the secret hacks or tricks, but they are people who have mastered their basics and replicated it again and again. To add on what makes them strong is their hard work, they invest their time and effort on the activities to deliver stronger results.

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