Be An Addict Of Introspection

Susan Leonard
Sep 23, 2018 · 4 min read

Success doesn’t happen TO u, it happens BECAUSE of u!

Though we are the master of our thoughts sadly we are still slaves of our emotions. People carry their happiness, excitement, enthusiasm, and laughter — as well as their frustration, hatred, anger and sadness every day to work. Expecting that the workplace remains emotion-free and that employees leave their feelings at the door is simply unrealistic. These emotions affect our peers, people who look up to us and people, in turn, affect the organization’s emotional cultural climate in a big way. Amidst these different colours of emotions, if we fail to introspect the bigger picture in every small situation, we will crumble down to be a big failure!

Through the journey, I realised, we can truly champion change within our organizations only when the change starts with us (the individuals). Change is painful and especially when it is about self as it requires us to get outside our comfort zones and travel in a path that is unfamiliar to us. But there is nothing more painful than staying in a place where we do not excel. The best way to forget this pain and march towards success is only when we start Introspecting. To me, introspection is a humbling, self-realisation process about oneself in identifying and removing the multiple masks we wear (both consciously and unconsciously). The more we realise and remove the masks, the more we rebuild our lost relationship with our own.

When I take a minute to visualize, I feel my role is like balancing a dozen of glass plates in each hand and on the head simultaneously, trying to walk on a thin frame of wire — constantly trying to make sure even one doesn’t drop as the consequences and the loss is huge. The more I introspect myself and the more I deal with people’s emotions, day-in and day-out (self and others) the more I realise changes need to start from within!

Do we even take the time to reflect on our lives? If we can’t spare a few valuable mins for self-reflection we are just giving nothing more than an excuse to fool oneself. The thin line that we miss out in our daily busy schedule is the self — realising act. We all need to take time to look honestly at the mirrors in our lives, deeply understand and make the necessary changes to get where we want to go.

Introspect + Course Corrections = Catalyst for Success

Bias is a crucial factor in introspection. We often become bias when we set the filters to introspect. This is called Illusion Introspection — which means believing you understand yourself, your motivations and desires -your likes and dislikes but you actually don’t!. This is super sensitive as we comfortably tell ourselves it’s really not that big of a deal and royally ignore it or give excuses or end-up investigating the wrong root causes which end up with the wrong solution altogether!- This leads to failures and colossal wastage of talents.

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Most importantly, being a year of introspection and execution for me — when I look back to realise, I have learnt many lessons in a hard way which would have been more fruitful if I had spent some time to look deep inside myself to Introspect — Acknowledge, Think, Surrender and Respond — How do we do this? — I have explained the stages in my next blog ).

The simplicity of introspection makes things easier and less complex when I run behind loads of high priorities (personally and professionally) like keeping a tab on the emotions/feelings people in mind, reading emotional cues and signals, empathize with those who are hurt, understand the triggers, transform the problem and to handle responses to changes. It makes me graciously let go and refine from many situations/people who add no value. On the other hand, grab the opportunity to self-realise, change, mould me into a better individual which pushes me in the right direction. I have a long way to go but I have promised myself to try to introspect and continue to live life with purpose.

The hardest prison to escape is our mind. The sad part is few are still in prison without realising the doors are wide open and all that we need to do is step out! This self-realisation to differentiate between the open and closed prison doors is our first success. We can either build our own palace and prosper or build our own prison and perish — what you make of it is what you decide!

A person who looks outside (Fails to Introspect) — Dreams


A person who looks INSIDE (Introspects) — WINS!

Remember! Introspection is a NEVER ENDING process, the more you do, the more studs are added to your crown!

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