Bright Beginning , Memorable Middle and Exciting End

Dec 1, 2020 · 3 min read
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A usual HR call to my job application with Kissflow was one of the delightful experiences of my career history. Nisha Priyadharshini, from the Talent Acquisition team was keen to keep me engaged from the start. From not going around asking the usual series of questions and finishing it all up and rushing to the subsequent rounds, she was patient enough to brief me through what really matters for Kissflow. From the beginning of the interview she kept building the conversation around core values and how strongly the company believed in it. She was kind enough to even share specific examples which helped me gain clarity and also generated interest to read more about it. She made sure I had a clear picture of the company, its business and products. From providing clear and relevant information about my next round and with whom it will be, she made sure I was prepared about what’s coming next.

My next round felt less of an interview and more like an engaging conversation and I felt I was at home (not only because of the virtual world around covid 19 situation). All thanks to Abhishek Paul, Culture Shepard at Kissflow. What I enjoyed about the whole session was the fact that it was never just me bragging about my accomplishments but more about what led me into doing it and why did I choose to do it in a certain way. I specifically remember an instance where I got all curious in the middle of the interview and asked a question back. I was surprised to see the level of patience in the process of explaining the answer. Towards the end I was given an assignment and was made sure I could reach out anytime for any questions(going by my case).

My assignment presentation round felt like a fresh air of breeze followed by an active discussion of the idea that I was insisting on. Generous 10 minutes were provided to me on my demand to share my contemplation about joining Kissflow after a career break. Post to which I was all looking forward to my next round.

My next round with Suresh Sambandam, CEO at Kissflow, was not as joyful as I would have liked it to be because of connectivity issues and power cuts(villains of the digital world). Despite all this I was pleasantly surprised to see the efforts put in by him and the team to make sure I was comfortable to express my side.

The final round of interview was icing on the cake where I was reminded of all the key highlights of my performance throughout and why I was chosen to share the vision of the company by Susan Leonard, head of Talent Acquisition at Kissflow. It was a detailed discussion of various factors that really mattered to the company and of common interest.

From me being skeptical about joining a company from my career break to being sure of joining Kissflow was carefully steered by the whole interview experience. While reminiscing about this journey I was quick to understand that the whole process was well crafted to keep me in alignment with the collective vision. To sum it up in a millennial slang, ‘It was lit!’.

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