How/Why I was able to complete “100 Days Writing Challenge”?

Chintan Jain
Mar 25, 2018 · 3 min read
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Now that you have already read about why I took up this challenge, and what this challenge really means to myself, and finally what are the challenges I have faced during this goal. It’s time for the final takedown on how exactly I was able to complete this challenge even before time.

Let’s go in detail about what things worked for me and helped me to achieve this:

Proper Planning

When Kiruba visited our office during the mid of this challenge, he asked everyone about how far they have reached in their goals. When I was being asked, my answer shocked Kiruba Shankar.

He said a statement “If you remember, Chintan was the most casual guy who visited Vaksana Farms.”.

On this, one of my colleagues responded “He was and he is. But he is also one of the greatest planners we have seen in recent times”.

And surprisingly Kiruba responded saying “Yes, I have never seen two different yet so drastic sides of a single person in my life”

Although, I had planned pretty much everything starting from what topics I am gonna write, to what theme I will be taking up to write, to how I am gonna approach my everyday and so on.

But those statements made my day. That was the first time ever I probably got to know my own skill.

New Year Goal List

Ever year I maintain a goal list where in I take some time out and list out things which I want to get done over the next one year. Fortunately, this challenge also falls into that list. You can read more about it @ Why choose Resolutions when you can go for Goals?

Weekend Advantage

Although, I wrote that I have not been able to spend enough time during weekends. But there were few weekends during this tenure wherein I made most out of it and was able to finish more than 30% of the work.

Move on to something next

It’s very hard to stay focussed on anything for a longer time. And probably each one of us would give a thumbs up on it. And that’s probably one of the most important reasons why I wanted to finish this challenge even before time and then move on to something else.

Excited to Meet Rashmi Bansal

We decided that on the day of our 100 days, we would called up Rashmi Bansal. How can I not mention about her. She is one of the well known indian writers. It is definitely a great feeling to be acknowledged and appreciated by one of the top writers in the country.

10 articles per week

Although the plan was to write one article each day, I was completely sure of the fact that if I was going to go by this calculation then there would be days where I would miss out and it would be difficult to catch up later. Also it is difficult to track each day, therefore I decided to make to write 10/week and thus I would be able to easily get through.

Special Occasions

Oh Yes, thanks to all those special occasions like new year celebrations and valentines day celebrations wherein I got a chance to spend some quality time with people whom I have loved the most and would want to spend the rest of my life with them. This gave me added motivation and inspiration to do things even more faster.

Special Surprise

Hell Yes. I have been promised by someone who is closer to my heart that I would get a big surprise if I am gonna finish this challenge before time. I mean who doesn’t like surprises and that too from someone who is close to you.

And plenty of them more…

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