Life is all about sales

Sivabalan T
Feb 21, 2019 · 3 min read
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People have so many definitions for life, but I am not here to discuss it because everyone has their own way of thinking what life is and I cannot define it for you.

As my profession is in sales, I can relate almost everything that happens in my life is a part of sales and could see a salesperson within everyone. I can relate sales everywhere and you will find a few more as you read. Why do I want to relate everything in life to sales, what’s the big deal in it? it’s just simply everywhere and it’s funny that you don’t see it yet, and you have to sell yourself to get something you want.

“There are so many domains to choose to start from an engineer, doctor, lawyer, pilot and they have to sell themselves to get a job in their specific domain” — Siva

One major factor that bothers me is why in our country there is no degree course for sales in UG? “Don’t you think sales can self sustain itself as a course” Is it the mindset of the people who think sales reps are not paid well? Is it because they think that sales jobs are cheap and can degrade one’s status? I always wanted some institutions to start a degree in sales. Now you might think there is an MBA, why does someone need a course for sales? But an MBA is a PG course there are domains like HR, Marketing and Administration but why not sales?

As you grow a little bigger even to get an admission for Kindergarten, people ask for some qualification (Alphabets, numbers, and rhymes) where you learn those and sell those to get yourself an admission.

As a kid, we get enamored by the advertisements. We love to have what we see in the advertisements, we love to own things when we go shopping with our parents. But we don’t get all of them easily until we do what our parents want from us, including helping them in small works, being more disciplined, or even studying well. Unless we do something like this, we won’t get what we want. Here you can see sales happening where the kid proves that they deserve (sell) to get what they like.

Just to keep it simple, even to do our graduation we sell ourselves (High school marks) to get a seat in the college or institution we love. Again the same continues when we apply for a job we sell ourselves and the skills we have learned to get a job.

And selling never stops there. It continues when you get married especially when it comes to arranged marriage. They will have a certain demand unless you fulfill that it’s going to be hard to find your partner. I can figure out so many examples in every aspect of life it can go on and on. But here is the point when everything in life can be related to sales and everyone has a born talent as a salesperson. Be it sales or life, in order to do it well, we need to have good listening skills and be open to maintain healthy relationships with people.

If you are still not convinced and if you don’t agree on sales is not a part of life, be aware that you’re reading this article and I have got a few minutes of your time to sell my ideas on “how life is all about sales”!

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