My Superhero.

Yogesh Ponnurangam
Aug 29, 2018 · 3 min read
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While most of us are chatty and gossipy with our mothers, discussions with dads are something we try to avoid. And these talks are clearly restricted to a few conversation starters like:

‘What do you want for your birthday?’

‘Why do you want to quit your job now?’

‘What’s wrong with engineering?’

‘Why can’t you marry her?’

‘When will you be more responsible?’

‘Why do you want to stay back at a friend’s place?” and more.

Interestingly, all such conversations were initiated by our fathers.

Obviously, my dad is not an exception. So I just wanted share how my dad become My Superhero. However, he did not become my superhero overnight.

He looked to me as a villain until my teenage. Although I wanted to be independent I always followed his words, without understanding the true meaning.

I was always a momma’s boy but the transition from a teenager to an adult showed me how a kill joy dad changed to a superhero. After my graduation, I couldn’t find a right job to pursue my passion. I was called a “Thanda soru” at that time. I was frustrated and depressed to the core.

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That thanda soru moment

I somehow managed to find a job (not my passion though) after a year. Then a week later, I woke up early in the morning to grab a glass of water. What I saw, made me go teary.

There he was, polishing my work shoes after returning from office(as he works in night shifts). Just that instance, completely changed the impression I had on my father.

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A father is a treasure; a brother; a comfort; a friend. -Benjamin Franklin

He let me get angry at him and yet he loves me more after my tantrums.

He finds fault, just to correct me not to blame.

He pushed me to do things which I never like, but they turned out to be life lessons.

He wanted me to take part in all extra curricular activities, not to win only to give it a try.

The confidence he had in me could never be matched. He even wanted to be a state rank holder in my board exams and taught me “how to address the press reporters.” But I scored only 60%

Despite that the confidence he had in me never DROPPED.

I wanted to choose computer science he made me choose science group so that I would have a choice to become a Doctor or an Engineer. He always gives me option to experiment in my own way and he is always there to pull me up when I fall.(Incase you wondered, I finally chose engineering.)

He has always been a reliable person in my life and he continues to treat me with a stern yet loving hand.

I can never match his punctuality, hard work and dedication.

But I hope that one day I’ll make him proud.

Butterfly Effect

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