No Traffic Jams Along The Extra Mile

Susan Leonard
Aug 27, 2018 · 2 min read
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Between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that little “Extra” we give. By adopting the right attitude in addition to a little more persistence and effort, what seems to be a hopeless failure will make a U-turn, leading to a gratifying success.

Glorious success = Skill + Right Attitude + Extra Mile.

The road to the pinnacle of success is less crowded. Persistence being the vehicle you drive in the road leading to success is often tempted with many parking slots. You can either park the vehicle to enjoy the temporary relief (allow distractions to be an excuse for your failure) or to drive ahead of others to the destination, overcoming the obstacles. There will be time constraints, mistakes, wrong decisions and haters along the way but harder the struggle more joyous the triumph would be.

You can’t consistently perform in a manner which is inconsistent and that’s the reason many people don’t make it afar. Successful people are not gifted, they just ‘work hard’ to travel that extra mile. People who fall in the category of ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Exceed expectations’ are the ones who generally perform over and beyond what is expected. These individuals outpace the other employees by being highly innovative, responsive and generate top quality work consistently.

We need to go where it demands to perform/achieve beyond the call of duty rather moving along with an easy crowd. The further you go on the scale of success the number of achievers are fewer in numbers reducing the relative competitiveness. Hence its easier for these individuals to outshine, to get recognised and to grow up the career ladder at a faster pace as compared to people who don’t push themselves.

Are you willing to go above and beyond to stand out of the crowd? If yes, do not settle with your own performance. Keep raising your own standards constantly and strive for the betterment with your utmost potential. Work hard in silence, keeping in mind that 5% of extra effort makes a 100% difference. Let your success make all the noise :)!

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