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Swetha Kannan
May 28, 2020 · 4 min read

Being “On — Air” is something I’ve always been fascinated about. It’s been a fascinating journey since March of 2020, when we started the Kissflow Lockdown Diaries Podcast. As the pace is picking up now and we’ve completed 20 episodes in this series, I thought it would be a great time to pause & reflect.

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As a host, this experience was like none other. Being a neuroscience enthusiast and having worked with people and papers all along, I felt this was a great chance to understand thoughts and the golden circle of why. Storytelling is an art each one of us possesses and that’s something I capitalised on through these episodes.

The Inception

Podcasts are so cool. I’m devoted to a bunch of them myself during my commute and when the world sleeps, that’s my go to drug (with hot chocolate of-course). There are some reasons why we started this podcast. While a couple of my colleagues and I were sipping on our third cup of hot chocolate and finished three walls of scribbles, wondering what could be different about our podcast now, what can we say that we haven’t really spoken about all this while, something dawned on us.

No, not the idea. The news that Mr.Corona has made his touchdown and it was leading on to a lockdown. We took it with a smile and hence dawned the idea of “The Lockdown Diaries”. It was the time our people needed a channel to speak up, express themselves, meet fellow guests, shake a leg, sing a song, have some fun and share what’s their core. Trust me, as much as the inspiring talks from leaders woo us, the stories these folks had to tell were beyond amazing and every time we recorded an episode, at the end of it, I would have a fresh perspective of how I saw certain things.

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The bees knees of Kissflow, our team!

“Not every superhero wears a cape” — So damn true! These guys are SaaS heroes too.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been fortunate to have been speaking with folks who build and make Kissflow what it is.

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Some of the amazing guests who are part of the LDD podcast family

The Pause to Turn Around and Look

One thing which stands out throughout, is how amazing each one of them were and how generous they were in sharing their thoughts, experiences and taking that time out for us through these tough times.

Being just about a year and half into the amazing SaaS world, some episodes were an eye opener. Folks who have spent as much time as how old I am today, in building products. It was enthralling when Dinesh, VP of Product at Kissflow, shared with us on what it is to build, what his dreams were, how they built what they built — to be so transparent and the giving nature fascinates me even today. Our CEO, Suresh featured in a live episode with us for celebrating 10 episodes.

For a leader to be candid is something else. It’s like the double espresso shot one takes for an energy boost.

Being up close and interviewing Suresh is something I hold dear to heart. Surreal, that’s how I feel after each one of these episodes. Specially when we asked him what according to him is a holiday and he answered, “Beach, Beer and Biryani!”

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Looking beyond, we are all set to have some interesting podcasts coming up for the industry and there’s stuff brewing back in our work bays. And, I certainly can’t wait to double down on it already. Until then, this is all I had to share and well, hey, there goes my first Medium article after ages and ages of contemplating whether I should even publish any of my work.

Fright to Flight!

Now, let’s buckle up as this one’s going to be a ride to remember!

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