The Massive & Ultimate list of all 100 experiences — 100 Days Writing Goal

Chintan Jain
Mar 29, 2018 · 6 min read
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Recently, I happen to take one of the most interesting challenge of my life “100 Days Writing Challenge”. A great thanks to the KiSSFLOW team and Suresh Sambandam for making this possible.

Before we get deep into all of that, we need to understand what is 100 days writing challenge all about, what it really means to me, challenges I have faced during this journey and how I was able to complete this goal before time.

Part 1 What does 100 days writing challenge really mean to myself?

Part 2 Why I took up 100 days Writing Challenge?

Part 3 Challenges faced during the 100 days Writing Goal?

Part 4 How/Why I was able to finish 100 days Writing Challenge?

Journey @ Vaksana Farms

We went on a 2-day Learning Workshop at Vaksana Farms. It is a village like a farm where you will not find the best of the Hi-Fi facilities around you. It is very simple farm where we learnt how to get inspiration from inside and tie that to a goal. A Goal which has a deadline and social pressure to help you grow. I have covered some interesting learning during my stay at Vaksana Farms later in some of my experiences.

The Game Begins

When I was asked what I want to accomplish during my 100 Days Challenge. I immediately stood up and said “100 experiences in 100 Days”. A lot of people in the past who enjoyed my writing and have been asking me to write more about the lessons I have been learning in my life. So this is for all those people, who have inspired me and helped to write/share my experience with the world.

Here with go with all the experiences I have written during the “100 Days Writing Challenge”

** 100th Day — How/Why I was able to finish 100 days Writing Challenge?

** 99th Day — Challenges faced during the 100 days writing goal?

** 98th Day — Why I took up the 100 days Writing Challenge

** 97th Day — How Relationship makes you a better Person?

** 96th Day — Why it is Okay not be on top all the time?

** 95th Day — I don’t need Luck, because I have Love!

** 94th Day — If you have a best friend, marry him/her!

** 93rd Day — What is 100 days Writing Challenge all about?

** 92nd Day — Why are some people so lucky in life?

** 91st Day — Why look for God when they are already with you

** 90th Day — Following Gratitude — Living a Life of Excellence

** 89th Day — Depression is Real — Why you should know about it

** 88th Day — 25 ways you can start showing Gratitude right now

** 87th Day — 5 Amazing Group of People I am grateful to in my life

** 86th Day — Why Gratitude always works?

** 85th Day — 8 amazing things I learnt from “Dear Zindagi” movie

** 84th Day — How to Increase Dividends of your Life

** 83rd Day — 9 Reasons Why we don’t stick to our Plans

** 82nd Day — 5 Struggles of Intelligent People which nobody understands

** 81st Day — Why Intelligent people don’t find happiness easily

** 80th Day — Why Intelligent people doesn’t find love so easily

** 79th Day — How to explain depression to people who don’t believe it

** 78th Day — Why Intelligent people have fewer friends

** 77th Day — Smart People have these 10 problems

** 76th Day — How to Learn from Your Mistakes

** 75th Day — Why/How I started practicing Gratitude?

** 74th Day — Why do we go to temple when God is everywhere?

** 73rd Day — All Problems in life can be Solved using this!

** 72nd Day — How to leave the past to where it belongs

** 71st Day — 8 Ways Sleep helps in increasing Creativity

** 70th Day — How Dhoni has become inspiration for lifetime

** 69th Day — 5 Straightforward reasons that God actually exist

** 68th Day — Why you need goals in life?

** 67th Day — Why Living for others is much better idea than living for self

** 66th Day — 10 Life lessons I have learnt from Village Folks

** 65th Day — 6 Important Lessons we can learn from our mistakes

** 64th Day — Why Savings is one of the best Investments for Future

** 63rd Day — 5 Reason which changed my life forever

** 62nd Day — Want to be more smarter and Creative? Have Quality Sleep

** 61st Day — How to enjoy life more everyday

** 60th Day — How to know if you are feeling lost in this life

** 59th Day — Why I love helping everybody

** 58th Day — How helping others in one of my greatest success

** 57th Day — Why People don’t want to change in LIfe?

** 56th Day — What is the problem of this generation?

** 55th Day — 6 Hard things you need to start doing to live life to the fullest

** 54th Day — How to find/become an interesting person

** 53rd Day — How kids enjoy life and why we should learn from it?

** 52nd Day — 7 Signs you are in depression & you aren’t aware of it

** 51st Day — How to find friends who can be your bestfriends

** 50th Day — Why I Believe in God and You might too

** 49th Day — How to train yourself to be a leader

** 48th Day — How to find friends which are priceless

** 47th Day — Why Single tasking is beneficial to our brain?

** 46th Day — How/Why Single-Tasking is the new MultiTasking?

** 45th Day — How to Solve any problem logically

** 44th Day — 10 Leadership lessons I have learnt so far

** 43rd Day — 3 Better things to do to yourself instead of Comparing

** 42nd Day — How to comeback when you are feeling lost in life

** 41st Day — How to overcome Depression Easily [Proven Ways]

** 40th Day — Why most people feel lost in this life

** 39th Day — Inspiring movies I have seen so far

** 38th Day — Why Having Goals are important in Life

** 37th Day — How playing games gives you more friends

** 36th Day — How to Forgive and Let Go people in Life?

** 35th Day — How to overcome brain stress?

** 34th Day — How stress affects brain in a bad way?

** 33rd Day — Stop Stressing and Start Living

** 32nd Day — 4 Reasons why dreaming is good for you

** 31st Day — 10 Amazing Benefits of following Gratitude

** 30th Day — Why playing Video Games are good for you

** 29th Day — How to make friendship with anyone you want

** 28th Day — What my Family really means to myself

** 27th Day — Why Family is the most important thing in my life

** 26th Day — Why Growing Up In a Joint Family Is a Blessing

** 25th Day — 5 reasons why it is extremely important to follow dreams

** 24th Day — How to Live Life without Stress

** 23rd Day — How to be happy when you are unhappy

** 22nd Day — 4 Reasons how helping people helps me in return

** 21st Day — Why do we blame God for our problems in life?

** 20th Day — Is “No Goal” really the best Goal?

** 19th Day — How Gratitude changed my life completely?

** 18th Day — How/Why to Celebrate even in Failures?

** 17th Day — How to find the Darker side of yourself?

** 16th Day — [New Year] Why not choose Goals instead of Resolutions?

** 15th Day — Why is it bad to compare yourself to others?

** 14th Day — Why do people take things personally?

** 13th Day — 5 Reasons why should we go to temple?

** 12th Day — 10 ways to strengthen your relationships

** 11th Day — 20 ways to learn anything you want

** 10th Day — How to stop comparing yourself with others?

** 9th Day — 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck [Book]

** 8th Day — How to set goals when you don’t have any?

** 7th Day — Surprising facts about Brain (how we think it works)

** 6th Day — Why Intelligent people prefer to spend more time alone?

** 5th Day — 4 Benefits of living life without goals

** 4th Day — Why do people get depressed?

** 3rd Day — How to stop taking things personally?

** 2nd Day — Always account for Variable Change

** 1st Day — How to take on Criticism

If you had like any of my experience, it’s time to share your gratitude by sharing your claps with me :)

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Chintan Jain

Written by

Digital Strategist | B2B Product Marketer | Growth Hacker @ Kissflow

Butterfly Effect

We’re changing how work gets done–both in our office and around the world. Find out how we do it!

Chintan Jain

Written by

Digital Strategist | B2B Product Marketer | Growth Hacker @ Kissflow

Butterfly Effect

We’re changing how work gets done–both in our office and around the world. Find out how we do it!

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