The Unique interview experience

Sivabalan T
Jun 7, 2019 · 3 min read

From where I finished my last blog …

Are you someone who is looking to explore your career?

Are you someone who is very passionate to live your dreams?

Are you someone who wants to get recognized?

Are you someone who wants growth and success in a short span?

Passion to me is energy and I got this energy to achieve all the mentioned above in this place where I work now!

Are you eager to know about the company I work for?

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It’s ‘Orangescape Technologies’ where I work now and undoubtedly one of the best start-ups as they do real work for an honest purpose. This organization has many unique qualities right from finding the right candidates by guiding them to choose their career path + passion to consciously building the best work culture. We focus more on its core values which are authentically deeply rooted in all the employees.

We do have weekly learning opportunities called as G2G (Good to Great) + extra initiatives like giving leadership training for its next level of leads and managers.

The best part of this journey is the interview process which is a multi-stage process for hiring new employees — and making it memorable is what stands out in this organization. We just don’t ask questions, or we just don’t try to act very strict or behave very professional rather we make sure we give the candidates their own space and freedom to express themselves. As always the first round starts with the HR’s, and we have a great team which makes the work easy for the team leads and managers. They just don’t pick the candidates, but they put lots of effort to filter out the right profiles to fit in the right seats. Skill, attitude, and Passion is something they don’t compromise. They have some quality conversation with them and then pass it onto the respective teams for the next round.

The second round happens with the respective team managers and leads. Definitely not an easy round to clear as we are specific in the assessments and only the cream clears the test. To make the candidates feel at ease we make them feel more comfortable in opening up to express themselves which helps us to understand them more and they feel they are not actually taking up an interview rather like a chat with their friends or a knowledge sharing session kind of environment.

And the final round is with our CEO, which again is a completely different experience because he only looks for the right attitude, clarity, passion and culture fit. Which company’s CEO interviews fresher’s? Our’s do — Equal importance is given to everyone who clears and joins our family.

Let me share a few feedbacks and experiences of our employees and also from candidates who didn’t clear the interviews but still loved the whole interview process.

“ The interview process was very quick and transparent. The HR was so concerned about the right potential and skill set “

They made me comfortable and I was given more space”

A friendly panel which analyzed my curiosity, interest, and strength. They were super cool and listed to me almost for 30–35 mins “

The most humble CEO Mr.Suresh came in a casual T-shirt and Pant with a handbook and resume. He came inside introduced himself and the interview started. He was eager to know about my character and inner personality, as I was the exact match he liked me”

“The entire team made me feel like home. The CEO puts in so much care in choosing the right cultural fit for the organization”

Remarkable isn’t it? I strongly believe — You can only be the BEST if you are in the right place to trust, explore, learn and grow with your passion. I have found mine — What about yours?

My next blog briefs on our core values, the culture of Orangescape — Stay tuned!

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