The unknown leader

Dinesh Varadharajan
Mar 9, 2018 · 2 min read
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Steve Jobs and Elon Musk comes to mind when we think about leaders. They are charismatic, ambitious and sometimes ruthless in their mission. But if you try to remember the name of leaders of Fortune 500 companies, very few come to our mind. Why is that? They have built organizations that are huge, well respected by their colleagues, but not well known.

You don’t see them talking in any conferences. You don’t see people swarming them when they go for a walk. Even if you go and ask them how they are successful, they will say that they are successful because of their team and they have a very little role to play in the success.

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They are Level 5 leaders. They are extremely humble but has a strong professional will. They are assertive and not aggressive. As they don’t project themselves as leaders to the outside world, wannabe leaders don’t see them as role models. The traits that made them the Level 5 leader never comes out. They never form a cult.

People try to emulate Elon Musk and Steve Jobs and they don’t realise that both of them are successful not because they are rude. They are inherently smart and ambitious.

Level 5 leaders are the unknown pillars that shape this world. While we all celebrate and try to emulate the stars, spare a moment to notice the pillars as well. Their contribution is much higher than that of few stars we know.

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