In the spirit of my article Let’s “Curate” One Another, I decided to celebrate my first Medium anniversary by featuring 12 writers who followed me in my 12th month. The editor of An Idea was kind enough to publish both of these articles.

I aim to feature between 5 and 10 writers who follow me in the previous month as self-published articles. The majority will be those with fewer followers. I’m hoping that other writers will start “curating” each other.

K.E. Dunleavy has 35 followers

We treat confession as if it is the place to present ourselves wholly and perfect. This is wrong of course; confession is where we bring the ugliest parts of ourselves and beg God’s mercy, imploring Him to make us new, make us whole. The finish line is heaven, Sainthood. Without frequent confessions, we will never reach that finish line. — The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Devnson has 86 followers

Some of us are naturally skeptical of what we’re told. Maybe it doesn’t match up to our experiences. Maybe it’s something that used to be true but isn’t true anymore. And maybe we just think very differently about something. — The most powerful way to think: First Principles

Em. has 134 followers

Being seriously involved with a person different from your culture has its problems; it gets worse when the race, religion and culture are also different. Who determines what path the children would follow? At some point, one partner will have to make the sacrifice and give up something of theirs to accommodate the other. Who wins? Who loses? Is there a middle ground that appeases? — modern day relationships are like globalization

Meryl Baer has 174 followers

In the minds of the kids and parents milling around, celebrating four-year-olds, the 1960s are the Stone Age, an era before Amazon, Google, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, Instagram, Starbucks and Nutella. — I Am History

Joyline Chepkorir has 179 followers

Every life is important, every patient deserves the best care and when a nurse feels like the safety of any patient is compromised, he or she is affected in some way. This is why adequate staffing should be a priority in any hospital. — MY BITTERSWEET EXPERIENCE AS A NEW RN IN A PANDEMIC -PART 2

The follower count for this month’s followers was as of October 3, 2021.



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Married 25 years. Retired SAS programmer from Statistics Canada, lived in Ottawa for 30+ years. Member of Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites since 2008.