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KitaJaga team is excited to announce a new campaign, one that utilizes the power of blockchain in the platform. Before we go further, let us talk a little bit about what is NFT.

(If you already know what is NFT, just ignore this paragraph)

NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token, a unique token that is created on the blockchain network. Cryptos such as Bitcoin and ETH are examples of fungible tokens where 1 bitcoin is the same as the other 1 bitcoin. Meanwhile, an NFT token for example is like a picture of a cat that has been tokenized into NFT. It will not be the same as other NFTs as it has its characteristics (which is the jpeg of the cat that has its link id) written in its token to differentiate itself from others.

You can click here to know more about NFT

NFT can be a powerful tool to gamify and incentivize participants in the ecosystem to act in certain ways that benefit everyone. The interoperability of smart contracts allows our team to create that experience. So far NFTs have been used as a form of art collectibles and social identities. We, KitaJaga, would like to capture both of that and create this new campaign where NFTs can only be acquired through the act of social good.

Introducing KitaJaga YB, NFT Charity and collectibles

We feel a token of appreciation (literally a token) should be rewarded to those that have helped those in need and supported our campaign. The NFTs are a collection in the form of pixelated pictures of front-liners that will be used as a badge, collections, or to sell in the NFT marketplace.

Those who receive the NFT are considered to be the YB (Yang Berkhidmat) to the KitaJaga community. The title refers to them as they have provided charity to the white flags in the platform. As long they are holding the NFT, they are entitled to that title. The YBs can also sell their NFTs to the NFT marketplace and 40% royalties will go to KitaJaga wallet as a form of a donation to cover platform operating costs. The next owner will indirectly become the YB as they have donated to the campaign.

the overall process of tallying, reviewing, and redeeming process

Why Front-liners as the theme

We chose this theme for the designs to honor the Front-liners during the COVID 19 pandemic that has struck our livelihood. Every design of NFT in this collection will show the front liners such as doctors, police, cooks, delivery man, and also random designs that are related to the theme.

We hope the sentiments would be shared among the NFT holders and users of our platform and remember the true heroes

The NFTs will announce one by one as we get closer to the redeeming day. Here are the silhouette designs of NFTs for the first week

5 NFTs will be released incrementally as we get closer to redeeming day

Art and Designs

KItaJaga Team collaborate with an NFT artist that goes by Jiwo with his pixel art brand P1X3LPL4Y (twitter @P1X3LPL4Y3R)

you can visit the Twitter profile here and see other works!

Claim Process, Requirements for claim, Timeline

There will be 20 NFTs for this collection and 5 NFT are available for claim every week with the conditions become gradually harder to get than the previous week.

For the first week, 5 NFTs are available to claim with the requirement of helping at least 2 white flags in The claiming process will start on Saturday, 16th October 2021 at 12 PM Malaysia time for 24 hours and then the new cycle with new NFT designs will start.

REMEMBER: THERE ARE ONLY 5 NFTS FOR CLAIM AND IT IS ON A FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE BASIS. Once all of the NFTs are claimed, other users cannot claim anymore NFTs and must join the next cycle with different conditions for claiming process

Here is the timeline and their requirements:

Simple timeline and requirements for the NFTs

Future Plans

We believe that NFTs have bigger use cases that require a little bit of creativity. This campaign is just the tip of the icebergs of what is possible. We are experimenting with the idea of a Social Good/Charity NFT badge where people will use NFTs as a form of proof of their social good contributions to the communities. Enforcing a merit-based on charitable contributions that would create social recognition and itself becomes an incentive for the people to collect.

So far, the process of tallying the social contributions are done, unfortunately, on our server. But this is done to check the assumptions made above are true, if the responses to the NFTs are well received, a smart contract may be made to uphold the spirit of P2P and trustless of blockchain in distributing this NFT through execution on-chain (blockchain).

Plans are also being crafted for the YBs. One of the plans is that the YBs may enjoy the benefits from KitaJaga partners and future collaborators such as receiving merchandise or discounts. So far nothing is concrete yet on this part as it heavily depends on the receptions of this campaign.

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