Looking back at Nintendo Switch predictions (Did we correctly guess what the Nintendo NX would become)?

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Kitatus Talks.

I wanted to do a fun little Kitatus Talks today, where I dive back into a previous Kitatus talks and compare my comments, your comments, our speculation to see if any of it ended up being true.

I thought it’d be a fun idea to dive back into the Kitatus Talks archives and see if any of what was said in and about the NX predictions Kitatus ended up becoming true.

First off, let’s start with the Kitatus Talks itself. Dubbed, “Let’s talk about the NX” it was a post discussing the rumours floating around about the Nintendo Switch (referred to as the Nintendo NX at the time).

At the time of creating said Kitatus Talks, we had nothing really to go on apart from a few patents floating out in the wild, a development name for the console and a boat-load of rumours.

Starting off, the Kitatus Talks explains the popular “Cartridge theory” — Which delved into the rumour that due to Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s and Resident Evil 7’s trademarks listed cartridges — The Nintendo NX would use cartridges to store video-games.

It was here where I put my investigatory hat on and took a deep dive into various trademarks of video-games and I had found that many, many games list cartridges as a form of media for said video-games, yet they never launch on a cartridge.

I did note, however, that previous Zelda games, such as the ones that had released on the Nintendo Wii U did not list cartridges. So the rumour seemed pretty credible. A point of contention however was the fact that previous Resident Evil titles had been listed in their trademarks as cartridges — with some of them never releasing as such.

With hindsight, I feel that the research I had performed — even though has provided mixed results and no clear answer for cartridges, put forward a good argument for and against the possibility of the NX using cartridges. Obviously now we know that Breath of the Wild has released for the system and Resident Evil 7 has not.

You might be wondering “Why the hell did you include Resident Evil 7? Who said it was coming to the NX — Nintendo Switch?” — This rumour was started when the cartridge piece was added to the Resident Evil 7 trademark.

At this point, it is not known if Resident Evil 7 will launch on the Nintendo Switch. There have been hints from Capcom but nothing concrete. If anything, they seem to be hinting either way (release or no planned release) depending on what way the wind blows on that particular day.

In my personal opinion, I don’t feel the Nintendo Switch would be a good platform for the title but we’ll talk about that later.

Going back to the Kitatus Talks, I then start talking about if people even want cartridge support. Explaining about the growing trend in the industry to purchase everything digitally. My main argument for being in support of this, even though being an avid video-game collector myself, is that I am very lazy and being able to change a game without getting off my butt is a major positive.

With the fact that the Nintendo Switch DID launch with cartridges, after all, I find myself being able to be anywhere and change the game inside my Switch from anywhere, especially sitting down in a single place for hours on end.

So then we move on from the cartridge discussion, what was the overall verdict? Well, I was on the fence, so I committed a non-answer to whether or not I believed the NX would use cartridges. Sadly no one else chimed in about what they thought so the verdict: On-the-fence, actual answer: Switch has cartridges. 0 points!

Moving on we then addressed the rumour of the Nintendo NX being as powerful as a PS4K, which ended up being called the PS4 Pro. At the time of making the Kitatus Talks, due to being a games developer, I was given the PS4K specifications ahead of time. This made this section of the Kitatus Talks pretty dicey, as I was under NDA about pretty much the whole subject of PS4K. Still, I tried my best to talk about the rumour of the NX and said it was more than possible.

I then reiterated what many people have since said dispelling the misconception that “Nintendo make weaker products that others so they can priceless”. They have done this in the past, but they don’t necessarily do this for all console releases. For example, the GameCube was easily more powerful than the PS2, yet less convenient. The N64 was surprisingly more powerful than the PS1 and the SNES arguably was more powerful than the Sega Megadrive / Sega Genesis, yet this is still debated in online forums to this day.
The basic gist of my argument was “Of course it can be more powerful than the PS4k but it’s up to how Nintendo want to play it” — Another non-answer. HOWEVER, I do state after this that I do not mind the NX does not meet the performance standards of the PS4k, explaining that I have complete faith in Nintendo and their abilities to provide a great gaming experience even with a lack of raw power.

I do then say the magic words “I would be happy if it doesn’t, even more, the power of current or future consoles” — I’ll let you judge if I deserve a point for that, due to the fact that the Nintendo Switch IS weaker than most current consoles. However, it is the most powerful darn handheld console (if you look at it that way) that I have ever seen. So I am going to award myself 2 temporary points and you can decide if I deserve them or not.
I then talk about the Nintendo statement about the fact they didn’t want to announce the BX at E3 due to being worried that competitors might copy them. I try and lean towards chinese counterfiets recreating the functionality of the console more so than Sony or Microsoft wanting to copy it. Obviously looking back now, the Nintendo Switch itself is an extremely unique console — being both a handheld and a homes console all in one package. This wouldn’t be impossible to replicate and thus I totally understand why Nintendo kept their cards close to their chest about it.

Then we go into quickfire mode about my personal theories about the NX.

I mention that I think it will have gamepad like the Wii U, which is technically not wrong. I just didn’t expect the whole console to be said gamepad. I think I definitely deserve a few points there.

I then mention the fact that their E3 has a severe lack of games so by default, their first party launch lineup should be really strong. I was wrong about this, even though the games that launched with the system are pretty darn good.

Only one of them ended up being first party. The rest Nintendo either helped develop/publish (in such cases like Super Bomberman R and Snipperclips) or Nintendo had little to no hand in the development process. 
After this, I talk about marketing and whether or not it’ll be a success. At this point, it’s too early to tell but still remain optimistic.

It’s a this point I start to talk about the backend. Which is pretty interesting. I was complaining ah how “Inefficient” everything was and how bloated everything felt. With the launch of the Switch, everything has become much more minimalistic.

Miiverse is gone, the website has been designed. Heck, even Nintendo accounts as a whole have been given a rework. All based on getting from A — B in the fastest time possible. I definitely deserve a point for that!

So all in all, not too bad! I’m no psychic… yet but some of the points I put forward did eventually come to fruition.

Now it’s time for you! Did you guess anything correctly? Do you think I deserve the points or do you feel I got something wrong? It’s time for you to let me know using the comments section, contacting me by via social media or by shooting me a mail!

For now, that’s all we have time for. So have a good morning, evening, noon or night or whatever it is where you are ladies and gentlemen and I’ll see you in the next Kitatus Talks.

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