Introducing Kite AI

Utilizing AI to improve the way we communicate online.

As the world becomes more and more immersed in technology, new ways to communicate with each other open up. This is a great thing, allowing people to share their ideas with others regardless of the distance between them. It opens new ways to collaborate, new ways to meet people, and the possibilities are truly endless for what people can do. However, this means that the age-old issues with anonymity also continue to grow.

Every new way to collaborate online is yet another facet for online abuse, harassment, or cyberbullying. Pew research shows that 73% of people have experienced some form of online harassment, with 66% of those individuals reporting that the abuse occurs on social media sites or apps. There are, of course, several ways to try and avoid this behavior, whether it be through third party plugins that block sentences containing key words, or human moderation of comments to filter out abusive ones. Today, we are announcing the public launch of Kite AI: a machine learning-based approach to eliminating online harassment from the internet.

“So… What does it do?” — You, the reader.

The Kite AI API uses proprietary algorithms to not only identify abusive comments, but classifies them into what category of abuse they fall into. From an enterprise perspective, this would allow a company to selectively filter the posting of comments that are either simply abusive, or narrow it down to blocking only abusive comments concerning race, sexism, etc. Furthermore, our API can also be used to accelerate the moderation of user reported comments.

“But… Why?” — Once again, you, the reader.

Well, cyberbullying really has grown out of control. We really aren’t looking to limit free speech at all, rather, we want to give users the freedom to listen as well. What is the point of having all these wonderful outlets for creativity if users are fearful of being harassed for their beliefs or ideas? We hope that by creating the Kite AI API, we can truly have an impact on the startlingly high statistics, and help transform the internet into what it was made to be: A platform for users to share their ideas, and for other users to comment on them. Just… Without all the excessively indecent comments.

You can find more information and access our API on our website!