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2 min readNov 22, 2019


KITE Team in San Francisco

Welcome to the KITE Engineering blog!

Have you ever wondered how startups partner with large enterprises? We’re building a platform to bridge these worlds and help innovation leaders more easily manage and discover startups.

KITE was founded in 2013 to address the fundamental disconnect between startups and enterprises. Innovation-hungry corporations were having trouble navigating the vast startup ecosystem. Startups were frustrated with finding the right champions in large organizations and turning them into customers. There was a massive opportunity to help translate and break down these barriers — and scale startup partnerships — with software.

We operate as a distributed team with hubs in San Francisco and Denver, and we come from a diverse set of backgrounds and interests. The engineering team is focused on KITE’s Startup Relationship Management (SRM) platform, which we’re building out based on regular feedback from our amazing customers.

Engineering at KITE empowers strong individuals who aren’t afraid of learning and failing. We work in a highly collaborative shared risk environment and look for creative solutions that challenge existing paradigms. Our tech stack primarily runs on AWS with a VueJS client and Ruby on Rails API. We seek out best practices from successful companies like Basecamp, Netflix, and Figma.

We’re excited to share our learnings in upcoming posts and give back to the communities that maintain the systems we rise from and who have taught us so much. Follow along as we scale the product and team. If you’re interested in joining, please check our open positions and feel free to get in touch.

Aaron Careaga — Director of Engineering