5 Years of Kitfox Games

Captain of Kitfox Games, Tanya X. Short, talks about the studio’s history!

  • Me, the Captain
  • Greg Londish, Lead Programmer (the only one I’d worked with before, once on a jam)
  • Mike Ditchburn, Programmer (we’d met once before)
  • Xin Ran Liu, Artist (we’d never met before)
My co-founders, Xin and Jongwoo, after winning a 7-hour “Battle of the Studios” game jam in 2013
Copyright National Geographic. OK this is actually a fennec fox, but you get the idea. This is still my Skype profile pic, at time of writing.

Major Milestones:

June 2013: we announce Shattered Planet!



Game development posts and thoughts from Kitfox Games. Biz dev, leadership, marketing, community management, art, game design, and more.

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Kitfox Games

Games with dangerous, intriguing worlds to explore. Currently: Boyfriend Dungeon, Lucifer Within Us, Dwarf Fortress, Mondo Museum • kitfoxgames.com