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Desert Biome


Oceans of sand! Deserts are lands full of wonders and dangers. Make sure you know the advantages and the disadvantages of this biome before you buy a land here. Lack of water has caused farming to be tough in these regions, yet there are numerous advantages for other professions that you can gain by having a land in the desert. There are various cities with items to buy and people to meet in the deserts and outside the cities, you will face gigantic sand worms. Be prepared, equip yourself, and explore the deserts of Kitsumon!

Effects on Professions

Farming in this region has multiple challenges and if you want to spend most of your time farming, maybe deserts are not the best place for you. But there are also significant advantages that you can gain from a land in a desert.


  • Growing speed for all plants is decreased by 10%, except for wood trees
  • Chances of getting sick are increased by 5% for both plants and animals
  • Pond sizes cannot be increased in this land
  • Pigs cant be raised here
  • Most types of protective flowers do not grow here.


  • XP for all mining activities is increased by 5%
  • Respawn rate for gem rocks is increased by 10%
  • Chance to extract all gem ores is increased by 10%


  • XP for all cooking activities is increased by 5%
  • Cooking speed is increased by 10%


  • The chance of successfully building a well is decreased by 23%


  • Alchemy is unaffected by this region and everything crafting-related is the same as a Plains biome


  • Breeding chance is decreased by 50% for all fish in ponds (aquariums are unaffected)
  • Most fish types cannot be raised in desert ponds (aquariums are unaffected)
  • KANDY gained from aquariums based on aquarium level and fish types kept there, deceases 4.5% compared to other biomes

Similar to forests, deserts also make up quite a bit of all the land in the Kitsumon world. Deserts can be found near Plains, Badlands, Beaches, and Stone biomes. Moreover, Oasis biomes are extremely rare biomes with unique specifications that can only be found inside desert biomes. The Desert biome is for those players who are up for a challenge and know exactly what they want from the game. Farming won’t be easy here, but you can instead spend your time mining, cooking, or exploring the mysteries of the desert!

Coming Next…

This heaven is hidden within hell! The Oasis biome is one of the rarest biomes in the Kitsumon world. Trainers lucky enough to find this paradise inside the desert will find that, unlike the desert biome, the Oasis is a farming heaven!



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