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Forbidden Forests Biome


People of the Shrunken Cities warned travelers about the forests that swallow any who dare go inside. The people who moved to these lands in hopes of farming and earning a fortune, only received curses in return. They called these lands, the Forbidden Forests. If you find yourself braver than many others who failed in these lands, get a land plot in the Forbidden Forests and test your luck and your skill. These lands bless the people who are in them, but if for any reason you anger the Gods, you won’t be safe from the curse of these forests. Many have failed to stay on the good side of the Gods. Can you?

Effects on Professions

The effects of this land on professions are special as well. Although it has some serious negative effects on farming, cooking and other professions, it has many positive effects for them too. Alchemy also benefits from various boosts in these biomes, but don’t forget not to make anything to anger the Gods, as they will not take kindly to people who anger them!


  • If you grow any type of fruit or wood tree (This does not include magic trees) bad things might happen on your land! These bad things can be but are not limited to all your crops burning, your animals dying, your machinery turning rogue and destroying your plants, trees, animals, and other items


  • Mining speed increases by 10%
  • Spawn rates of some rocks are higher in these lands
  • If you mine coal, bad things might happen on your land. These bad things can be your buildings getting destroyed, your tools breaking suddenly, or monsters attacking your land


  • Cooking XP increases by 10% for all cooking activities.
  • If you cook any food including red meat, your cooking XP will decrease 60% for the next 10 meals you prepare
  • If you make Pineapple Pizza and some other food types, bad things might happen in your land! These things can include your food suddenly burning, your Silos, Mills, and Kitchen getting destroyed, and your animals getting sick


  • XP for crafting all tools increases by 10%
  • If you craft Knives and Axes in this region, your crafting XP will decrease 45% for the next 30 items you craft
  • Crafting combat items in this region might cause bad things to happen on your land. These bad things include your land becoming toxic and getting your animals and plants sick, causing you to take damage, and attracting monsters to your land


  • KANDY gained from your Aquariums will increase by 6.5%
  • Chance to reproduce increases by 13% on this land
  • If you put some types of fish on display in your aquarium, bad things might happen to your land. These include your pond fish getting sick or not reproducing, fishbowls in your aquarium breaking suddenly, or your rods, nets, and cages breaking
  • If you kill octopuses or some types of fish, you will not gain any KANDY from your aquarium for 10 in-game cycles


  • One type of Magic tree only grows in this land
  • Growing all magic trees will give you double XP
  • Making potions, talismans and amulets is 20% faster and has a 20% higher chance of success
  • Making some types of magical weapons and combat potions might cause bad things to happen on your land. These things include your land catching on fire, your animals getting sick, or getting cursed!

The Forbidden Forest biome is the rarest biome in Kitsumon, together with the Moon Touched and Void biomes. This land offers a variety of amazing bonuses but you also might lose a lot of your progress if you are careless. Purchase a land in this biome if you trust your instincts and precision, and know that you can handle the harms that this land might cause. The open world of this biome is probably the most dangerous place in the entire game. Although there are some friendly cities from time to time, these lands are full of hostile ritual tribes disguised as friendly NPCs, creatures that can haunt your reality and dreams, and monsters that can take you out instantly. Only go here if you know what awaits you! They don’t call it FORBIDDEN for nothing!



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